A little doga this afternoon


Work was fairly simple today. Had a nice morning at the Knox County Health Department, listening to the Tennessee Commissioner of Health, Susan Cooper (of Vanderbilt fame!) address the state of public health here in TN. Some good stuff we’re doing here, moving on up to 44th in the country for health. Hey! It beats 50th :)

After work I did a little yoga, to stretch and unwind. I rolled out my mat, and did some basic stretches. As I did my first downward dog, I heard Sheff walk over to me. I said to him “Hey buddy, do you want to stretch with me?” and no joke, within 5 minutes, he stretched out into down dog alongside me! It was hysterical and I busted out laughing. This is really what doga is! Maybe I should take him to one of those classes? hahaha

I also found out that Knoxville has a Mardi Growl dog parade coming up next month. We will most definitely be going. Now Sheff just needs a costume!

OK, time for a bath and reading before heading over to Panera for my first Meet/Greet with a group of women new to East Tennessee! Maybe I can make some friends :)



Greetings all!

It seems we have a London Sunday upon us here in Nashville. Cold, cloudy, gray and drizzly. But… low 40s is the perfect workout temperature, so at least I think so. I went out to Brentwood this morning with my friend Elena for an hourlong walk on the trails. Afterwards… we decided that it was perfect biscuit-eating weather, so we stopped by Cracker Barrel on our way back for a plate of hot, flaky biscuits. Our waitress must have thought we were crazy for only ordering biscuits and 2 glasses of water. “No eggs!? No meat?! Y’all really just came here for biscuits?” haha. Yes ma’am we did. We love your biscuits :)

On another walking-related note, this morning was the ING Georgia Marathon. I can hardly believe it was a year ago today that I finished my first half-marathon. That’s crazy!

momandmeAnd in a month from now I’ll be doing another one! I’m pretty excited about the Country Music Half Marathon here. Although I will admit that my training this season has been not nearly as committed and impressive as last year’s. I think last year I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish, so I had a lot of motivation to get up on all those early mornings and train with the team. But this year, I’m more like “Yeah, I can do this. Maybe not beat my time from last year, but it’ll be fine”. Haha. I’m such a slacker these days.

After getting home from Cracker Barrel, I did a quick 15 minutes of yoga to stretch out my muscles and keep from getting stiff. I have really loved the yoga videos from the “Yoga is Yummy” blog – Polly does a great job of keeping them brief, informative, and easy to follow. Thanks! I did the Yoga for Runners video today, which is only 10 minutes, but I paused it a few minutes to hold the poses a little longer. It felt great!

Alright… on to the rest of the day! Bye bye!!