Thrifted Table Makeover

I’m back!

Sorry for the 2 week hiatus. Things have been busy here, mainly concerning Harley’s health (complications from heartworm treatment –> 8 days at vet’s intensive care unit, $1000 in bills, and 7 daily medications).

But, Harley is feeling better these days, and ready to be back on the blog! He also wants me to show the final result from my side table makeover. Remember this $8 guy from the Salvation Army?


Well, it looks much better now (as does Harley).

But first…

Today, my sister took the GRE, since she’s copying me and planning on going to graduate school too (haha). Harley and Sheff sent her a good luck message this morning:



Aren’t they sweet? Thanks for their good wishes, Jenna ended up doing fantastically on the GRE!

OK, back to the table…


So… we I sanded it, removed the weird side handles, and painted it white.

Then, I was all set to decoupage the top surface with a fun fabric. But… it was hard to decide on a color theme, not knowing what the apartment will look like (what stuff my roommate might bring, what season of pyrex I will be displaying, etc… haha!).

And so… my ingenious mother had the idea to fit a piece of glass instead, allowing me to switch out decorative fabric or paper as the season changes. Thankfully, my local glass shop is very affordable, and cut me a piece of glass, and polished the edges for under $5!

Ready for the finished product?


This is my favorite “look” thus far.  Bright colors of vintage kitchenware, on a white background.


But we also have the green / nature look:


And this blue/pink/green paisley look:


But really, it only costs $1 in scrapbook paper to change the look, so I could come up with endless possibilities!

Table: $8
Paint supplies: $5
Glass: $5
Paper choices: $3
Total project cost: $21

Brilliant, right? Since my list blog post, I’ve also purchased this wonderful mid-century modern coffee table, which I’m planning on using at the foot of my bed in the new apartment. I would show a picture of it, but it’s currently covered in junk that is going to be donated to a thrift store shortly.

Photos to come, as I clean things out and start packing (ugh).


Vintage Project for Apartment

I had a very successful thrifting afternoon today, and picked up some great deals. One of which has to do with my latest hobby….. Pinterest.

One of my latest pins is this re-done side table – painted white and decoupaged with colorful fabric. And of course, I decided that I could tackle this project. Too bad my handyman mom is back in Texas (and she took her sander too!)

image my inspiration

I had seen a similar vintage side table at my local Habitat Re-Store for $4, which would have been perfect, but it’s since been sold.

Today, I found this guy at my local Salvation Army store, for $8:

DSCN1592 my “before”

I think it should work well. It’s a sturdy table, in pretty good shape, with clean lines. Not sure why it has handles on the sides though??


I will likely remove those guys.

Of course now I have to pick what type/color/pattern fabric to use for the top of the table. Which means I need to figure out where the table will go (side table for couch in living room, most likely) and what the color scheme will be (no idea, since roommate is supplying the couch).

Any thoughts? If you browse my boards on Pinterest, you can see that I have an obsession with red and aqua together… so maybe something along those lines.

Stay tuned for more updates on project table!


My free friend

As previously mentioned, my mom and I hit up some garage sales this weekend. Among other finds, was a particular wing chair sitting out front at a church rummage sale.

Price: FREE

We questioned whether this chair was really a giveaway and was informed that indeed it was. Although it needs a bit of steam cleaning, the frame seems in good shape (and hopefully no bed bugs are living inside!).

I’m thinking this will be a piece for me that I can have reupholstered and take to my next place this fall.

IMG_0303it’s getting some fresh air outside

Seeing that I didn’t have to pay for the chair, I don’t feel terrible about the cost of reupholstery.  The shade of blue is actually quite nice, especially with the dark brown legs, but the fabric is really stained/soiled, and the pattern is sort of shiny and not-my-style.

So now… I’ll be looking at color schemes and fabric options. I will admit, it’s slightly difficult to pick a color and fabric when I don’t have any idea what it’s room will look like (or where I’ll even be living this fall, ha!). I know I should stick with some sort of neutral, and then perhaps have colored accent pillows.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome :)

IMG_0305 fits me perfectly, doesn’t it?

Lovin my dishes

If you remember well, my 25th birthday was 5 days ago. Yesterday, a big heavy box with my name on it was delivered, from my best friend and college roommate. Hmm, what heavy items would people send to me? Might it start with the letter p? Yes, it might :)


This, my dears, is Pyrex Tableware. A whole new world to explore, separate from the mixing bowls and casseroles that we all love. This are items you can use in your everyday eating! I would like to time travel back a few decades, to a time when restaurants used Pyrex Tableware. Wouldn’t THAT have been awesome??

I already had 3 saucers in the matching blue stripe pattern. If you remember, I ate breakfast birthday cake on it the day after my birthday:


So now I have saucers, dinner plates, and a teacup that all match. Lovely


And the pink flamingo saucers I received match the 3 pink-rimmed bowls I picked up at a thrift a few weeks ago:


Thanks Mandi!!!

Today was 50% off day at East Tennessee are Goodwill stores, and to my delight I found a stack of “Swiss Chalet” saucers for $1.25 total!!


I love this pattern, and just wish I could find some more at an affordable price!

My new dish friends, altogether now:


I don’t think I’ll ever have brand-new, matching dishes. Vintage dishes in various patterns and colors are too much fun!!