Happy Friday!

I can’t blog at work, so I by the time this gets posted it will probably be later in the afternoon/evening, but since I have some time this morning (and things to say), I’m going ahead and writing now.

This morning has been quite calm. I woke up half an hour late, and still made it to work earlier than usual. Lovely. And got here to see that I have no consults for patients, haha. I do, however, have a few patients to follow-up on (the ones who won’t eat, so I’m checking up on them to make sure they’ve been drinking ensure or at least getting some form of calories in their system). I just had one schizo patient get all angry with me and say “Why are you so obsessed about my eating?! If I want to eat, than I will, if not I won’t!”. Fun times at work!

The hospital has also been full of nursing students this week. Reminds me of my days as an intern, sitting around, trying to stay out of everyone’s way, and fill in mindless worksheets and definitions projects. But I have to say, I don’t envy these guys…. They have to sit in on the group therapy sessions :)

Also, I seem to have missed out on the memo that says people wear jeans on Friday. So, of course, I show up in black pants and feel like in ijit. Next Friday I’ll definitely be sporting some denim. However, I will not be wearing bright orange, which apparently is the way it works all around East Tennessee on Fridays, game weekend or not. Maybe I should wear my red and black? I don’t even know who we’re playing this weekend… or if we are. Terrible fan I am!

And so, The Boy is coming this evening for his weekend visit. I’m quite excited to see him. He was also sweet enough to go shopping for me at Trader Joes yesterday and stock up on the things I can’t find in this part of the world. He braved Green Hills traffic just for me! (although I got to hear all about it later..). Anyway, our weekend should be fun. The planner/dictator in me has some plans: Where the Wild Things Are, pumpkin carving, corn maze, and go-karting. So 75% of the activities are my ideas, 25% are for him. Haha. Maybe I should work for a better, 50-50 balance?

I’m also contemplating joining Netflix. The cheapest plan is $9 monthly, allowing you 1 DVD at a time, with as many exchanges as you want (probably no more than 8 movies a month). We’ll see if I’m going to be doing movie-watching or not. Honestly, I have a year of free Cinemax and 3 months of free Showtime and HBO with my new DISH package, so I may have enough of a movie selection to keep me busy for a while. Plus, now that I have a DVR I’m able to set all my regular shows to record, and therefore go to bed whenever I want! I’ve always hated that about Eastern Time Zone; who wants to stay up so late to watch TV?! Not me :)


Sunday’s Thoughts

Here are a collection of my thoughts for the day:

  • I was excited to find this creamer today at Target. I have no idea if it will compare to Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, but it’s worth a shot and so much cheaper! Should make my commute through farmland this week more delicious :)
  • I also picked up the new CD from Michael Buble today. Anyone listened to it yet? Thoughts??? It’s been a while since I’ve heard much from him, so yet another reason to be excited about my commute this week.
  • Is anyone else in love with the girl from the new Windows 7 commercial, and how she adorably mispronounces “responsive” into re-ponk-insive”??? I can’t get her voice out of my head. So cute. Maybe she needs to be adopted…
  • CVS coupons and ExtraCareBucks were my friend today. After scouring their weekly flyer from today’s paper, and comparing to my clipped coupons, I was able to stock up on detergent, deodorant, body wash, and pumpkin carving utensils and save almost $15. Gotta love it!
  • This time tomorrow and we’ll have DISH TV! Meaning I can record my shows (although I’m definitely watching House live… but maybe Big Bang Theory can wait) and have a channel selection greater than 10. I also lucked out and got HBO free for 3 months, so I’m hoping that’ll let me see the Seinfeld reunion! The Boy has been pretty pumped about it. As few Curb Your Enthusiasm shows as I’ve seen, I think it’ll be good. :)
  • Dinner tonight: leftover mock crab cakes. Not sure what’s on the side. Maybe I’ll whip up a nice rice pilaf or something. I need me some grains :)

Saturday Happenings

Good evening!

We’ve had a good Saturday so far. I was quite surprised to sleep until 9am this morning! The Knoxville Farmers Market opened at 9, but by the time we got ready, out the door and drove into knoxville (~30-40 minutes) it was a little after 11.

The market was actually very quiet today – probably due to the cool weather (60ish) and the mass quantities of people making their way to Neyland Stadium for the game that was about the start. I only had $5 in cash, so we weren’t able to pick up much:

  • crown of broccoli
  • a few heirloom tomatoes
  • a couple of yellow squash

There were some really interesting looking stalls: homemade soaps, dog treats/food, a cupcake stand (will be back for a review!!), and one from a local bakery. Still haven’t been able to find super low prices at farmers markets, but we press on. The market here runs through Thanksgiving, so hopefully I can make another trip at some point.

Next was a trip to Sam’s Club, which I haven’t visited in at least a year. I stocked up on a few of my food staples in bulk: Arnold’s Sandwich Thins, Stacy’s Pita Chips, Mini Babybells, Quaker Oatmeal Squares. I also finally gave into the hype and bought the 2010 edition of “Eat This, Not That.


I guess every RD should have a copy in her arsenal. If it will fit in my lab coat pocket, I might use it with patients. Visuals certainly are more effective than just listening to my voice say “No fried foods…. eat plenty of fruits and vegetables… try to get rid of sugary drinks”. I must sound like a broken record sometimes!

I really do wish that Mr Zinczenko found an RD to work with him on this book, especially after it’s become so popular and he’s written so many books to follow it. He means well, and it’s a simple, easy-to-read book, but I can’t agree with everything he says.

This lunch was a plate of baked scoops with salsa and leftover refried beans. Yum yum. Dinner for tonight will be some more of our favorite mock crab cakes, with a side of seasoned black beans/corn salsa. Yum!

I also picked up a pair of slippers from Target this afternoon. Priced at $5.99, I was ecstatic when they rang up $1.48!! Gotta love Target.

Pretty pumped about getting the coupons tomorrow. Super nerd, I know. I’m also hoping to get up early and a workout in at the gym before the rest of the day gets away from me. AND…. we signed up for Dish TV today, so Monday will bring me 100 channels (92 more than we have now!) and a DVR!!! :)

Fry me to the moon

Did anyone else get up to watch the live images from NASA’s moon blast at 7:30am? I heard about it yesterday and, being the science nerd that I am, had my quaker oatmeal squares and earl grey tea ready in hand to watch this morning :)

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with the images. I was expected to see the rocket hit the surface, and this huge plume of moon dust/debris/miraculous H2O to fly up into the atmosphere, but no such luck. The satellite images just showed a regular moon-like cratered surface. So, no exciting science morning for me. But the folks at NASA are happy with the result, so all is well.

But what I am really excited about was last night’s wedding on The Office between Jim and Pam. Even though this season has had a rough start, earning minimal laughs from yours truly, this episode was wonderful. For anyone who missed it, this is all you need to see :) Hopefully The Boy doesn’t get any ideas. When that youtube video first hit it big, he was obsessed…

Today was a tiring day at work. I had my first chart audit by my regional manager. Two thumbs up for me; looks like I’m doing a good job with my patients. But the patients of the day were just not my pick of the crop. Here’s a sampling:

  • A man who “might have TB, or maybe hepatitis or HIV” so I tried to keep my distance and wear a mask. But really, if he does have TB, we’re all in trouble.
  • A terribly manic woman (stopped taking her lithium months ago) who I was supposed to educate about her newly diagnosed diabetes. Skip to the end: I gave her a sheet of high-sugar foods to avoid, she folded it up, jumped up and starting running around yelling “yeah, you can’t tell me what to eat, I’m going to eat all these sugary foods, yeah”.

So now I’m back at home, ready to wind down and enjoy this rainy weekend. Go dawgs for tomorrow!!

I met Mrs Claus

Greetings blog readers. Hope this evening finds you all well. I’m excited that it’s already Wednesday night – just 2 more days until the weekend! My weeks seem to go by quickly, which I suppose is a good thing, right? No big plans for this weekend though. I’m sure Knoxville will all be a buzz Saturday, for the home game against my Georgia Bulldogs – go dawgs! No, I’m not going. Tried to get my college roommate to come up for a visit and watch the game, but to no avail. I’d like to try out the Knoxville Farmers Market Saturday morning – but avoiding downtown Knoxville may be smarter. Plus, rain is in the forecast… so we’ll see what happens.

I will say, however, that I need to buy new slippers. I’m really starting to miss my boxes of winter clothes that are sitting lonely in my Texas garage – all my beloved scarves, sweaters, slippers and long-sleeved shirts. Our weather has still been really nice and fall-like, but we’ve had some evenings down in the 40s, and my little footsies get a little chilly.

I manage to stay warm enough in the hospital, though, thanks to the trusty lab coat. It seems slightly amusing to me that the dietitian (me) is the only person in the hospital to wear a lab coat. I think I confuse the patients. Haha. It certainly comes in handy though to a) keep you warm, b) hold pens, highlighters, calculator, lip balm, cell phone, name badge, etc, and c) let me get away with wearing t-shirts to work. The latter was always our favorite part of clinical rotations at Vanderbilt. Well, I guess not our favorite, but certainly rewarding J

I know, I know, you’re just reading this because you want to hear the latest crazy story from my patients. Hmmm, let’s see. We have a woman who believes she’s married to Santa Claus. She says she lives in the North Pole with him, but complains that because of his large belly he’s not very sexy. Always a problem when you’re not attracted to your spouse! I had a really rude guy yesterday who refused to listen to me about eating better, claimed that nothing is wrong with his diet (even though his cholesterol/lipids are horrible and he has diabetes). He’s bipolar, very manic right now, and wouldn’t shut up, so I just got up and walked away. Today, he approached me to apologize for being rude. I was stunned! But as soon as he apologized, he just went back to rambling about how ridiculous I was to try to change his diet….. oh well, guess you can’t have it all.

A big concern for a lot of my patients is the finances of eating healthy – many are on disability, living on ~$700 a month, or depending on food stamps. One woman today said her electric bill was $400, so there wasn’t much money for food, and she depends on a senior program that delivers one meal a day (and that’s all she claims she eats!), and yet she’s about 100pounds overweight. Sometimes things just don’t add up…. However, I was impressed with her ability to eat any food with no teeth. Wait, that sounds wrong. The woman has no teeth; I didn’t mean she avoids food that have teeth.. that’s silly. I offered to order a soft diet for her, but she proudly stated that she can gum anything, even an apple. Wow. Seems like a workout right there!

Speaking of working out, I joined a gym here in Maryville and have been stopping by on my way home from work. It’s a fairly big/nice place – the normal cardio and weight machines, as well as a nice group fitness classes schedule and lots of personal trainers available. It’s been sad how long I’ve gone without any real workouts, so I’ve been taking it slow to get back into the swing of things. Today the plan was for a 30minute interval workout on the elliptical, but I only made it 25 minutes. Better than nothing right?! I signed up for 3 personal trainer sessions (only because it was a special deal if I bought them when I joined), so I’m hoping to have someone help me with a strength training routine – I always feel like a complete idiot in that area of the gym. I have no idea what I’m doing. But some of the trainers in that gym look scary. Maybe I should have requested a nice trainer. I’m not a fan of boot-camp-style training. If I get stuck with someone who yells, tells me “no pain, no gain” and makes me do push-ups, I’m asking for a refund.

Hope everyone is staying healthy this flu-season. I got my flu-shot at the hospital during my first week, and will jump on the opportunity to get the H1N1 vaccine ASAP. No flu for me! My sister, sophomore at the University of Texas, reported that the flu shots on campus are in short supply – her friend showed up 20 minutes after they started giving them out yesterday and was already behind 700 people in line! I guess that’s what happens when you go to the same school as 60,000+ other people. Haha. Hopefully she can get one tomorrow.

OK, better get ready for GLEE tonight! Tomorrow is the day for internet (I know, I’ve said that a million times, but I really think the installation will happen tomorrow) followed by a celebratory dinner after work. Not sure what Maryville hot spot we haven’t tried yet, so we’ll see. I wouldn’t mind returning to The Tomato Head. You can’t go wrong there…. J

Happy Monday!

Good Monday Morning everyone!

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. I spent a good chunk of yesterday making mass quantities of homemade tomato sauce. During our visit to North Carolina, we were given a basket filled with cornfield beans and 42 tomatoes! Once I get my camera and laptop up and running I’ll have to post the pictures from the sauce-making adventure. It was quite a day!

Some things to be excited about:

  • The Boy got his baby this weekend – the Nissan 370Z, known affectionately as “Zed”. He has promised me a visit this weekend, so I’ll get to meet the new vehicle. I’m scared the farm roads are not going to get along with this 2-seater sportscar :( but he seems pretty eager to get back to pigeon forge and go go-karting. Although…. is the Z not just a big real-world go-kart!? hahaha
  • All the TV shows are coming back in the next few weeks! Tonight is the first episode of the Jay Leno Show. Super excited about that one. Although… now that means I have to stay up past 10pm. Darn.
  • The Office returns this Thursday :)
  • I’ve been invited back to the psych hospital to meet and shadow their current RD. Looks promising!

OK, off to deal with fighting dogs and overflowing trash. I’ll be back later (hopefully!)

12 miles is back to haunt me

I successfully finished those 12 miles this past Saturday with no aches or pains. Some soreness, yes, but that’s normal. 

But do you know what’s not normal? My foot hurting this bad. It’s a weird pain on the outer edge of my right foot, closer to my heel than toes. It started yesterday and gets worse throughout the day after I put more weight on it. Today, I felt fine in the morning, but by lunchtime, it was not good. I feel like Dr. House, limping around the medical center and Vanderbilt campus… so sad. I’m really hoping it’s nothing serious, like a stress fracture. That would be bad. It’s possible I caused this by not buying new shoes for this half marathon (I’m still training in 2 pairs of Asics 2130s that I bought a year ago for my first half marathon). But with $17 in the bank account, there’s no money (or time now…) for new shoes. 

So… we’ll see how it goes. I’m currently laying on my couch with my foot propped on a frozen bag of marinara sauce, and watching Serendipity on Bravo. Maybe John Cusack can come and fix my foot. That would be lovely. If I had ibuprofen or any type of NSAID, I’d be taking that… but I haven’t used pain medications in probably over a year. I just don’t get pain very often in my life. I know, I’m lucky :)

Oh, and did I mention how I can only watch cable channels right now? Yup, my TV has rejected all network channels, no more NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX. I finally get caught up on all my shows (The Office, House, Brothers and Sisters) and now I won’t be able to watch House tonight! Boo :(

I guess we’ll lay here (ok, I’ll lay here, singular, there’s no one laying on the couch with me, I promise) for a litle while longer, perhaps until I lose all feeling in my foot. And then it’ll be time to put the tofu out to drain, in preparation for tonight’s tofu fried rice. I’m pretty excited about that.