Back to the Track…

I thought I should share my latest decision on the fitness front….

I finally picked my next half-marathon!

After debating between returning to Nashville for the Country Music Half-Marathon (my 2nd half-marathon), heading down to Atlanta in March for the ING Half-Marathon (my first half-marathon), or even possibly enjoying warmer weather for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, I decided to keep it local and train for the Knoxville Half-Marathon at the end of March.


I already wrote out my training schedule – starting at the new year… it will give me 3 months to get ready!

This will be the first year that I won’t be training with The Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Society “Team for Training” Program. I’ve worked with the Athens, GA team through the winter of 2007/2008, and then as a team captain for the Nashville walkers the next year. Looks like this year I’ll be training all on my lonesome :(

Good thing though? I won’t have to wake up before 6am every Saturday this winter!! And Sheff will have to become good at distance walking… because I don’t want to be doing these long trail walks by myself!

I am slightly concerned about the hilly course, but we’ll see how it goes, right?!

So… here’s to a fun 3-4 months of training, and hopefully a mild winter here in East Tennessee!


A lovely day to be outside

Earlier today, I tackled 8 miles for the first time so far this season. I didn’t train with the team, because:
a) I got mad when the alarm clock woke me up at 5:30am
b) I wanted to walk farther than the 6-7 miles the other walkers were doing
c) I wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather that was due

So, I snoozed until 8am and planned a great 8 mile loop that pretty much covered a good chunk of Nashville. I went by the 3 colleges in the area: Vanderbilt, Belmont and Lipsomb, past the Parthenon, down Music Row by all the recording studios, witnessed many another runner/walker, even saw one runner who carried a spare pair of running shoes in his hands (that is the first tme I have seen such a thing). I found the Nashville Chess Club, a little grocery store selling blueberries for 99cents (deal!), and managed to hide my water bottle in someone’s front yard at the halfway mark so that it was still there when I came strolling by for my water break. Perhaps I should’ve used Powerade instead of straight H2O, because when I hit mile 6, I felt like I was dead. My legs were getting heavy, and every little hill seemed mountainous. Oh well, it was good for me. I have to say that ILOVE mapmywalk‘s new beta version, which even shows you the elevation for your route – so I knew to expect lots of hills from mile 4 to mile 6. 

01/31/2009 Route
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I made it back to my building safely, collapsed on the couch and ate a banana and trail mix, washed down with powerade. After some good stretching and a nice shower, I should be ready to go now. Next weekend should probably be the 10 mile mark, so I hope I can be ready for it!

Great Documentary

I just got back from seeing a screening of a documentary called “America The Beautiful” – an eye-opening film targeted at our obsession with beauty and its damaging consequences. A panel-led discussion followed, with staff members from inpatient eating disorder treatment centers, an RD, and the man behind the film, Darryl Roberts, who flew in for the event. Very powerful and thought-provoking. Could turn many a woman into a feminist then and there.

Hope it’s not too thought-provoking though. I need to go to sleep so I can get up at the crack of dawn and meet my teammates at 6:45am for some half-marathon training! Yeah! Go team!