Thrifted Table Makeover

I’m back!

Sorry for the 2 week hiatus. Things have been busy here, mainly concerning Harley’s health (complications from heartworm treatment –> 8 days at vet’s intensive care unit, $1000 in bills, and 7 daily medications).

But, Harley is feeling better these days, and ready to be back on the blog! He also wants me to show the final result from my side table makeover. Remember this $8 guy from the Salvation Army?


Well, it looks much better now (as does Harley).

But first…

Today, my sister took the GRE, since she’s copying me and planning on going to graduate school too (haha). Harley and Sheff sent her a good luck message this morning:



Aren’t they sweet? Thanks for their good wishes, Jenna ended up doing fantastically on the GRE!

OK, back to the table…


So… we I sanded it, removed the weird side handles, and painted it white.

Then, I was all set to decoupage the top surface with a fun fabric. But… it was hard to decide on a color theme, not knowing what the apartment will look like (what stuff my roommate might bring, what season of pyrex I will be displaying, etc… haha!).

And so… my ingenious mother had the idea to fit a piece of glass instead, allowing me to switch out decorative fabric or paper as the season changes. Thankfully, my local glass shop is very affordable, and cut me a piece of glass, and polished the edges for under $5!

Ready for the finished product?


This is my favorite “look” thus far.  Bright colors of vintage kitchenware, on a white background.


But we also have the green / nature look:


And this blue/pink/green paisley look:


But really, it only costs $1 in scrapbook paper to change the look, so I could come up with endless possibilities!

Table: $8
Paint supplies: $5
Glass: $5
Paper choices: $3
Total project cost: $21

Brilliant, right? Since my list blog post, I’ve also purchased this wonderful mid-century modern coffee table, which I’m planning on using at the foot of my bed in the new apartment. I would show a picture of it, but it’s currently covered in junk that is going to be donated to a thrift store shortly.

Photos to come, as I clean things out and start packing (ugh).


Sunday Funday

Have I already used this title before? Seems possible. I have trouble naming my posts….

The dogs and I have had a pretty good weekend here at the farm. Yesterday was primarily consumed having my car detailed. I spent almost 4 hours sitting inside the shop, watching Cartoon network with a 9 year old (who also made me an origami swan while I tried to beat my boss at Hanging with Friends). As much fun as I had waiting, the true fun was seeing the inside of my car!

I’ve had Matrix now for 6 years, driven over 90,000 miles, and have never seen it so clean and shiny inside! Truly amazing. NO more snow globe of dog hair, that’s for sure. Highly recommend Karworkz in Knoxville, if you’re in need of  detailing.

I also hit up some thrift stores and an estate sale, to pick up more vintage linens (some are listed in my shop!) and random odds and ends for the new apartment. pillowcases

The $8 table had a little work done today. A trip to Home Depot today left me with sandpaper and wood filler, and the hardware has been removed and holes filled. Next up – sanding and painting!

Baked some muffins today from this delicious cookbook:


Only I used cow’s milk, so there went the vegan baking. Whoops!

In other random news – the tick situation is getting out of control here. I had to remove one from Sheff’s eyelid this morning! Ack! And so, Frontline has been applied to both my furballs tonight, which should hopefully help the situation.

DSCN1393ewww – do I see a tick?? 

For those following the 52 lists, 52 weeks project, here is my list for Week 2.  The prompt was: what have you learned from another country/state/culture.


Lastly, I think my first vegetable will be harvested from the garden tomorrow. It is a zucchini, the first of many, I am sure. Bring on the zucchini muffins, cookies, casseroles, pizzas, crab cakes, etc. Unfortunately, I am 6 days later than last year for my first vegetable. And how do I know this? Because I am Sheldon-Cooper-OCD and keep detailed harvest logs/spreadsheets. Don’t you??


Happy St Pats!

The weather finally turned into spring today. It’s been absolutely beautiful – over 70 degrees, and staying up there for the next 10 days!! How exciting!

The trees are in bloom, the grass is green, the sun stays out later, and my allergies haven’t started yet. All is good in the world.


What could be better?

Having a lucky day thrifting, and coming home with some new pyrex and federal glassware.

Haven’t photographed them yet, but some of the pieces may end up in my etsy store to generate some grad-school money.

DSCN1383 here is a preview – very retro/geometric!

In other news:

Harley is very excited to let you know that he graduated from obedience class last night and passed the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test! He’ll now have official paperwork and a certificate letting everyone know how well-mannered he his! This might also help if he decides to go into therapy-dog work in the future…


yay Harley!!

(Annie, who still acts like a caffeinated speedster and can’t hold still for more than a nanosecond, decided to skip the test and just enjoy the pizza party)


March is also National Nutrition Month. Being the RD that I am, I hope to write a few posts about some important nutrition topics, and changes I am making to my own diet, after being educated at the annual SCAN Symposium in Chicago last week.

DSCN1370this was taken at Navy Pier. and no, this is not my dietary advice 

Where did the time go?

Today seemed to fly by. We got  new equipment in the hospital kitchen, which was very exciting, since the original equipment was probably close to 40 years old! Definitely time for an update. The renovation/installation required a change to the menu, which led to the weekly hamburger day being moved to Thursday. Hamburger Day is a HUGE thing in our hospital, people seem to crawl out of the woodwork and come eat in the cafeteria, and everyone marks their week by when burger day is/has been. So the fact that we moved it this week was big news. We even had to post a sign that read “due to cafe renovations, Hamburger Day will be observed on Thursday this week”. I love how we make it sound like a national holiday. haha

After work, I stopped by the Habitat for Humanity thrift store for some vintage zippers, for a new sewing project of mine. I’ve never sewn a zipper, so fingers crossed! Maybe I should get out the goggles in case needles start flying :)

Harley’s first obedience class was tonight, although it was humans-only, mostly an introduction class. What are the chances, that out of 6 dogs in the class, there is another Harley??? haha. I hope it doesn’t confuse him. But by the sounds of the other dogs, and the topics we’re going to cover in class, I think Mr. Harley will easily be valedictorian.


Dinner was slightly less pathetic than the past 2 nights (both of which were Morningstar Black Bean burger on a bagel thin, with laughing cow cheese and an apple) – Morningstar Chik’n Patty and vegetarian baked beans. Oh, and did I mention that I had a Morningstar Sausage Patty this morning with my breakfast? Yes, maybe Morningstar needs to contact me and sponsor this blog. haha. I’ll admit, they have great vegetarian products. I’ve always stayed clear of Boca products, haven’t had any luck with Gimme Lean, occasionally use Gardenburgers, but I can’t go wrong with Morningstar!

And now, somehow it’s already past 9pm, Bend it Like Beckham is on, and I need to get to bed. Good night everyone!!

1-1-11 is here

Welcome 2011!

I hope you all had a fun and safe new year’s eve. The Boy drove over from Nashville and we cooked a nice dinner and watched the TV celebrations.

DSCN1168 We attempted to use my newly thrifted Cuisinart Ice Cream maker for a special desert, but to no avail. The bowl has been in the freezer since before I left for Texas (= over a week) and it still wasn’t completely frozen! Not even sure how that is possible. Time to research…..

Woke up refreshed and ready for 2011. Unfortunately, the weather has been bad all day. Rainy and windy.


Check out the living room. Notice anything unusual?



Yes, Sheff spent most of the morning hiding under the table. The wind was pretty fierce. 1/2 a sedative later, he eventually calmed down.

So, how did we spend the first day of the new year?

  • Went to see this movie, which was very good (even if we were the youngest audience members by several decades)


  • Took down the Christmas decorations. The mantel is so bare now, and with no seasonal decorations to get out, I’m visualizing a Pyrex-themed mantel. yessss!
  • Started research on opening an etsy shop to sell some of the vintage and thrifted pieces that I buy, only to realize I’ll never use. Sometimes the prices are too good to pass up! Like this adorable vintage 1960s book on friendship I picked up yesterday for less than $1.


  • Exchanged gifts with The Boy. Remember my Pyrex Collector’s Guide that I was so excited to spoil myself with? Well…. let’s say it will be going back to Amazon, and that a certain someone is improving in the gift-selecting area of boyfriend-ness. :)

Have a great January everyone! I did indeed make a list of 2011 goals, as well as a list of January projects, all of which are color coded and documented in the Journal J.