Why yes, I am ‘funemployed’

Happy Labor Day readers!

I read an interesting article from today’s Tennessean, about the small group of unemployed 20 and 30-somethings who are taking their time off to have fun – travel, visit old friends and relatives, volunteer, take classes… basically things they wanted to do but didn’t have the time while they were working. They call themselves the funemployed. Haha, I love the name!

Maybe I’m funemployed!? I’ve been able to relax around the farm, take some fun road trips, get my certificate in adult weight management, see friends, etc. Oh, and I didn’t mention that I’m thinking about registering for FNCE next month in Denver! This is ADA’s big annual meeting – the Food Nutrition Conference & Expo. It’s 3 days of great classes, lectures, and of course the expo – which lets you fill your bags full of new food products, nutrition materials, free books, and enough food samples to fill your belly the entire 3 days! I’m so excited. A few of my friends from the internship are going (because their employer pays) but I figured I have the money in savings to go, and if I’m not doing anything better, why not? Plus, I’ve never visited Denver before, so it should be fun!

On to other ‘fun news’… the US open! Has anyone been watching it?! I’ve been limited in my ability, without ESPN here on the farm, but I’m so proud of fellow UGA alum John Isner! Beating Roddick!? Wow! Way to go!! He’s up against 10th seeded Verdasco later today… hopefully NBC shows it so I can watch. I love me some tennis! If I was really funemployed I’d be there myself… but alas I’m not. Maybe next year? :)


Breakfast at Wimbledon

Yup, today is the Men’s Singles final at Wimbledon. Probably one of my favorite mornings every year. What better way than to wake up, turn on the TV, and see your husband smiling at you? Well … let me take that back. He won’t be smiling until he wins. He always plays with his mean “don’t-mess-with-me” face … I wish he’d smile more!

So anyway, it’s Roddick vs Federer. I still can’t believe Roddick made it this far. I don’t think he can, either. Unforuntately, he has a tendency to completely psych himself out and fold anytime he’s up against Roger, so we’ll see how this thing turns out. So far, they’re both playing well, holding serve, but I think Rog is about to break.

Our 4th of July ended up different as planned, but fun. The food was delicious, and the boy now knows how to marinate and cook chicken, and was introduced into the world of sweet potato fries :)

After lunch, he caught on to backgammon rather quickly and actually beat me in our best-of-3 tournament. How dare he!? haha. After taking a nap (while he watched Star Wars and listened to classic rock … although not simultaneously) we went out to Sonic, for our favorite drinks (me = Mocha Java Chiller… him = strawberry cream slush…. both delish) and downtown for the fireworks. We drove downtown to see how crazy things were (very) and realized we weren’t really prepared – no cash for parking, no umbrella or lawn chairs. So we headed back – and BAM, fireworks start – one hour early!! He was totally miffed that he was missing them, while I turned around and watched out the back of the car. By the time we made it back to my place, it was storming really hard – wind blowing everywhere and possible hail in the mix. So… instead we snuggled to watch the fireworks and concerts from New York and Boston. haha. Not bad.

Woah woah – Roddick now has set point!? Come on Rog!! Do something! Dang it, he won. Oh well, he needs that to keep his confidence up. Now at least he’ll continue to play well. If Federer crushed him in the first, I’m afraid Andy would just cave.

So anyway, I’ll keep you posted. I’ll be sitting here, studying some food science for the RD exam. By the way – did I tell you that I have made it through all the paperwork and am able to take the registration exam whenever I want now!? Scary… now i just have to get through all this studying. :)

Fighting the Battle of the Bulge

Don’t think that dietitians (or RDs2B for that matter) are all perfect eaters, with daily diets that meet each and every one of the dietary guidelines and reflect the food guide pyramid. I will admit that before starting my dietetic internship and meeting my fellow interns, I was worried that no one else would eat sweets like I do, or enjoy indulging in caloric splurges. However, I have found that these girls (and 1 guy) also live by the motto of “everything in moderation”. We all enjoy going out to eat, discovering Nashville’s local eateries, and baking/cooking for one another.

If you read one of my recent posts, you will find that the very foods I teach people to think of as “sometimes foods” or “whoa foods” as the little kids learn, have been increasingly a regular part of my diet. Not a good thing. Especially when this sub-zero weather has lead to a decrease in my workouts and caloric expenditure. And so… I am left battling with my all-powerful sweet tooth, who seems to think that a meal cannot end without dessert. However, my thighs and waist tell me that I need to lay off the sweets!

I knew I’d never be able to just stop eating sweets. I’m not one of those people. I love chocolate, cookies, nutella, cupcakes, etc, and I don’t believe anyone should have to live a life without such delights. However, I don’t think they need to be part of my everyday diet. So… I decided to try a 2 day – 1 day cycle, which is as simple as it sounds: 2 days with no dessert, rewarded with a treat the next day, and continue and repeat. I recruited my best friend and college roommate (who will be supporting me when she’s a rich corporate lawyer in a few years) as my support and accountability partner. Afterall, if no one knows my plan and what I’m trying to do, it’s that much harder for me to stick to it!

So… how have I done? Oh dear. Today is day 2, and I’ve had sweets both days. Not planned, of course. Yesterday, the interns went to Fido for lunch. Being the financially poor intern that I am, I brought my peanut butter and banana sandwich inside, but bought a muffin to split with someone. I chose the PC muffin (pumpkin-chocolate chip) which has to be the best muffin ever created!! That was the only dessert of the day, and honestly it did have vegetables in it…. no, there’s no justifying that one. 

Today, an intern brought in chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes for our research workshop class, of which I enjoyed 2. 

So where does this leave us? Basically, the 2 day-1 day has been followed, but unfortunately in reverse. Oh dear…. haha. 

But let’s remember, tomorrow is a new day. And an ironic day at that. I’ll be at one of the Nashville Metro high schools all day, teaching students about making healthier choices for snacks, beverages and fast food. Oh and we have a hilarious “nutrition rap” to do with them too! haha. And in the afternoon, I will be watching Roddick and Federer go head to head in the semi-finals. My roommate has witnessed enough of my screaming at the TV for the past week. Today she asked “when is all this over?!”

Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I’ll be able to report successfully sticking to the “plan”.

Andy Murray’s Out!!

Can I just say how I’m loving the ability to watch tennis at the most convenient of times? 

Watching tennis after work, while I’m making dinner – lovely
Watching tennis as I get ready to go to sleep at night – perhaps not relaxing, but quite comfortable :)
Being able to turn on the tennis from my bed when my alarm clock wakes me at 5:55am  – priceless!

I was pretty shocked to see Andy Murray lose his match today to Verdasco, but secretly excited because it eliminates one more top seed as a competitor for my man, Roger. But really, Murray is a good guy. He may have crazy British teeth and look like a gangly and angry young guy, but I am a fan. I guess the pressure was a little too much – there was a lot of talk about him possibly winning the Aus Open. But obviously those people forgot about my husband. Geez, he loses the #1 ranking and all of a sudden the world has given up on him?! I think not.

Djokovic and Roddick just started their match; I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to watch before I fall asleep, but I’ll cheer them both on. I like both of these guys too, but have to cheer for Roddick. Not just because he’s the American, but he’s just an all-around good guy. Novak is pretty full of himself, and his constant fist pumps and glares of intimidation drive me nuts. It will be an interesting game, I’m sure. Whoever wins is up against my husband next, so maybe these two can drag it out to 5 sets and wear each other out. That would be lovely. Not that Roger couldn’t take them on fully rested and ready….

I’ll be sad when the open is finished this weekend. No more tennis until the summer. I did hear, however, that the first round of the Davis Cup is actually going to be in Birmingham this coming March, and that it’s the USA vs Switzerland. Which means…. Roger!! Does it make me a bad person if I go and cheer against my own country? Yeah, probably so. And tickets are probably expensive too. But it’s only a few hours’ drive south of me, would be a shame not to even try to go.

OK, on with the show. Go Roddick!

Federer is looking betterer

New Update: Yes!! He won! Congrats Roger, we knew you could do it! Part of me wishes it was a closer game, but that would have had me way too nervous and yelling at the TV set, so this was perfect. I think I scared my roommate enough by my tennis-watching behaviors, haha.

Update: Roger just won the second set, so I can breathe easier knowing he already has 2 sets under his belt. He had me a little nervous in this set because his unforced errors skyrocketed. And Andy’s knee seems to be bothering him, which I shouldn’t be happy about, but it does give Roger a little bit of an edge..

I’m watching the men’s finals of the US open right now.. and my man is looking good! I’m so glad he’s playing like his old self, at least thus far. And kudos to Andy Murray for getting to the final, I’m glad it’s him and Nadal! Sorry Rafa.

And I envy all the celebrities who get to go to the US Open matches.Especially the final, do they realize how lucky they are!? Probably not. Whenever the camera shows them, they’re never paying attention to the tennis. How I would love to be there… One day, one day when I’m a rich RD I’ll get there. Yeah right. My fellow interns are working on finding me a medical student, so it’s more likely that I marry some rich doctor who can take me to the US Open :)

I’ll update this later when we see who wins.

Oh yes Federer!

I feel like a crappy fan for not following the tennis much better during the Olympics, but it’s hardly received much coverage from NBC. I checked this morning online to see what was going on, and was so happy to see that Federer and Wawrinka won gold in the mens’ doubles. Yay Roger! He finally got his olympic gold medal :)

Oh no Federer!

I was shopping today with the roommate, when my evil sister called and shouted into the phone: “DID YOU HEAR? FEDERER LOST!!! HAHA, HE LOST TO BLAKE! AND IT’S SO EXCITING, AND BLAKE WAS BRAGGING ABOUT BEATING THE #1 PLAYER! HAHA! FEDERER LOST!”.

Needless to say, I am not happy with my sister.

But I’m so sad for Roger. Poor guy, he really needed a medal here to boost his self-confidence. But I’ve been watching him play, and he’s just not the old Roger; that powerful forehand isn’t there anymore. It makes me so sad to see it, almost like watching a hurt animal try to walk. Breaks my little heart. And of course, he won’t ever admit anything is wrong with him, his ego has never suffered, but he did say today how disappointed he was. And really, I’m excited for Blake making it this far, but wish he could’ve taken out someone else, not Federer. Perhaps Nadal? Best of luck to Djokovic in the semis against Rafa, I’ll be cheering Serbia on!

Federer still has his doubles matches to focus on, so there’s still hope for a medal. And the US Open is just around the corner, although I’m starting to feel nervous about it already. People don’t seem to realize how seriously I take my tennis. I changed my facebook status to “devastated” after I heard the news, and immediately people started asking me what was wrong, expecting to hear about a death in the family or something similar. No no, I assured them. But I did explain that my passion for professional tennis is analogous to the south’s obsession for college football. Very similar in fact.

So, good luck Djokovic in your semi-final, good luck Federer and Wawrinka in your doubles, and good luck Ryan Lochte in the 200 IM tonight against Michael Phelps! You can beat him!!