Happy St Pats!

The weather finally turned into spring today. It’s been absolutely beautiful – over 70 degrees, and staying up there for the next 10 days!! How exciting!

The trees are in bloom, the grass is green, the sun stays out later, and my allergies haven’t started yet. All is good in the world.


What could be better?

Having a lucky day thrifting, and coming home with some new pyrex and federal glassware.

Haven’t photographed them yet, but some of the pieces may end up in my etsy store to generate some grad-school money.

DSCN1383 here is a preview – very retro/geometric!

In other news:

Harley is very excited to let you know that he graduated from obedience class last night and passed the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test! He’ll now have official paperwork and a certificate letting everyone know how well-mannered he his! This might also help if he decides to go into therapy-dog work in the future…


yay Harley!!

(Annie, who still acts like a caffeinated speedster and can’t hold still for more than a nanosecond, decided to skip the test and just enjoy the pizza party)


March is also National Nutrition Month. Being the RD that I am, I hope to write a few posts about some important nutrition topics, and changes I am making to my own diet, after being educated at the annual SCAN Symposium in Chicago last week.

DSCN1370this was taken at Navy Pier. and no, this is not my dietary advice 


Belated Happy RD Day!

I wasn’t feelin’ the blog posting yesterday, so I failed to write a lovely RD Day-related post.

But I did have a delicious, colorful and nutritious dinner in honor of my profession:

DSCN0197 I roasted some butternut squash and asparagus, cooked up the rest of my Trader Joe’s Israeli Couscous, and then topped it all with a small amount of real-deal parm. Nutritiouslicious!

My boss is also treating me to lunch tomorrow in honor of RD Day. I’m pretty excited to return to The Tomato Head. yay for veg-friendly local restaurants!! :)

Boot camp Blues:

Yesterday I worked a little later than usual, so I wasn’t able to stop at the gym on my way home. Instead, I took advantage of the wonderful weather outside and made up my own circuit training –type workout in the front yard while the dogs ran around (good exercise for everyone!).

I brought my yoga mat, 5lb weights, water bottle and ipod outside, and spent the next 20 minutes sweating it out!

And… let’s just say that the walking lunges are killing me today. Sitting on the toilet is becoming a very painful task.

Maybe if I do this more regularly it won’t be so difficult? probably a good idea :)

In domestic news:

I spent the afternoon earlier this week on my Easter Wreath project.

DSCN0192 Here it is after gluing the first round of candy. I ended up choosing the cheapest pastel-colored chocolate eggs that Kroger carried.


And this is what it looks like after I emptied both bags of chocolate eggs. Basically the front of the wreath is covered, but the back is still exposed. I think I’ll leave it like this because (a) it’s getting pretty heavy! and (b) I’m cheap and lazy.

So now I just need to find a ribbon and a place to hang it for Easter! Hard to believe that April isn’t too far away. I already have some things lined up:

  • Easter festivities – unfortunately no fun social activities planned like last year, but hopefully the dogs and I can have fun
  • An enviro-friendly (and walker friendly!) 5K: Run For Clean Air 2010
  • Earth Day Festival
  • My parents’ arrival + Neuman the beagle and Annie the hyper mini-lab
  • Possible trip to Nashville to hang out with The Boy and his visiting Mom + Aunt

Fun fun! Now time to get back to my Netflix of Flight of the Conchords. Unfortunately, their song during the opening credits involves a brief blow of the whistle, which of course has led Sheff to hide in the kitchen. Oh my neurotic boy….

Early Spring/Easter Preparations

Can you believe that the spring forward time change is less than two weeks away!?

Oh spring weather.. where are you?? Today is yet another day stuck in the 30s. I forgot to wear my hat/gloves for the dogs afternoon walk today and it was chill-ee!

However, in an effort to brighten up my surroundings and act like spring really is just around the corner, I stopped by K. Roger on my way home from work and picked up some of these lovely flowers:



Oh.. and that little sheep? Shh… that’s Sheff’s present from the Easter Bunny, he dropped it off a little early this year. I just have to find a way to keep it under wraps for another month. Don’t tell him!

Bringing out my inner Martha…

In the April 2009 Country Living magazine, they show how to make your own Easter Wreath using candy almonds, a hot glue gun and a foam wreath form. Sounds easy and fun!

imagephoto from countryliving.com

I stopped by Hobby Lobby, picked up a hot glue gun, foam wreath, Easter dog gifts, but was unable to find any candy almonds. Not at Hobby Lobby, nor Target or K. Roger’s. I looked through the extensive Easter candy selection, and found many a pastel egg (reese’s, marshmallow, hershey chocolate, malted chocolate, or cadbury eggs, but no candy almonds!)

I’m afraid of using other egg-shaped Easter candy in case they melt when coming in contact with my weapon of choice (hot glue gun).

Any ideas where I can find these Jordan Almonds?!

Checking in with March’s Healthy Living Challenge :)

I’ve been wearing my pedometer every day this week and motivating my co-workers to sign up for our spring pedometer challenge. So far I’ve been racking up 6,000 – 8,000 steps a day, which isn’t too bad.

The water drinking has been going well, especially at work when the water bottle sits at my desk and stares at me. At home, not as well… I just need to remember to keep a glass with me all the time.

And.. I finally made it back to the gym yesterday! Ta-da!! Nothing crazy – a quick in and out 30 minute workout, but I’ll be back tomorrow, and then hiking this weekend!

Spring is here!

So happy that spring is here. No more random beautiful days in the 70s, only to be exchanged for waking up to mid-30s. No, I think spring is finally here to stay. The flowers are out, my tree outside my bedroom is in full bloom, and it’s all lovely.

Other signs that spring is here?

  • The allergies have started and the Nasonex prescripion is waiting at my neighborhood CVS for me. I’ve been anxious about living through a Nashville spring, just as far as my head/breathing ability is concerned. But really, can it be any worse than Georgia? During my time down in Athens while in college, I went through years of allergy shots (8 a week!) and gradually built up immunity. It’s been quite amazing to only buy boxes of kleenex every few months instead of weeks. And yet, after my crazy hospital incident 2 summers ago that left me on a host of old-people heart medications, I haven’t been able to get the shots anymore. So… fingers are crossed that all the antibodies I finally made against my allergens are still floating around my body, ready to attack against the Nashville spring. What am I allergic to, you may ask? Don’t get me started. Almost every grass, weed, tree, flower that you can be tested for. Oh and a collection of animals too – dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs (but fortunately I’m fine with cattle?). Let’s just say there’s a reason I was getting 8 shots a week…
  • I finally washed and put away my flannel sheets. I have loved this new set – I got them dirt cheap at Kohl’s the day after thanksgiving, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my snowman sheets for the last 4 months. But now, it’s time to switch the soft cozy sheets for my crisp, white cotton. 
  • The little farmers markets across town are setting up!! yay yay yay yay local food!! While running errands in the Green Hills area this morning, I saw two of the mainstays already had their tents up, and were getting ready to open up shop. I’m so excited about this. I really feel like I wasn’t as good of a local foodie this past summer/fall after moving to Nashville; I didn’t frequent the farmers markets near as often as I had hoped to. But, times have changed and I’m ready. Probably even more passionate about local, sustainable food than I was 6 months ago! Of course, what I’d really love is to join a CSA for the upcoming season, but with not knowing for sure where I’ll be living, I’m not able to make that commitment yet. 
  • Spring thunderstorms have been making plenty of appearances. Today’s looks particular disturbing, with the potential for many a tornado and hail storm. Hopefully, it can hold out until I get back from my exciting Green Business and Living Expo over at Lipscomb – I’m pretty pumped about it today and hearing the keynote speaker, Gary Hirshberg! Gary is the CEO (or as he says, CE-Yo) of Stonyfield Farms, an organic yogurt producer, and wrote a brilliant book on how green/sustainable business practices is the best strategy for both making money and saving the planet – always what we want to hear! 

So, that’s my little shpiel on springtime. I’m going to reheat some of last night’s spaghetti for a quick lunch and then out for a beautiful walk before the storms set in!