I win!

Back from a fun Nashville weekend! Already got everything put away, the Sunday paper read, coupons clipped, and the week’s dinners planned (nothing excited.. believe me). Watching the Super Bowl now with Sheff and finishing up some school menu analysis.

So… this weekend’s 5K :)

Talk about cold – it was 33 degrees, windy and flurrying! Luckily, I had packed smart, with double layers top and bottom. The Boy didn’t even try on his only pair of sweatpants until that morning.. luckily they fit! But a thin pair of Target sweatpants can only keep one so warm. He also had no gloves, so he borrowed my GAP pink gloves. Oh why did I not take a photo of us that morning!?

Anyway.. we hung out in the Sommet Center until about 2 minutes before the gun went off, to stay nice and warm and people/runner-watch. I think The Boy felt at ease once he saw the variety of people who had signed up. He even said “Geez, I don’t know that some of these people are going to make it!”

The gun went off… we started jogging until the crowd thinned out. Half a mile in a realize that The Boy, Mr “I can walk so fast you won’t be able to keep up” is lagging behind me and looking cold and miserable. I tried to pep him up and throw in some humor or competition to get him to move faster. Fail. He just gave me this look and said “you go ahead”. I felt bad for leaving him in the dust, since this was something he was only doing for me, but knew that if I stuck with him we’d both be miserable (him for being there in the cold, and me for being cold and not going as fast as I wanted to!). So anyway.. I left him and finished just under 41 minutes, about a minute slower than last year. The Boy made it 9 minutes after me, headphones in, looking freezing, mad and zoned out. Poor boy….

We rewarded ourselves with a nice warm Panera brunch. I was so hoping they’d still be serving their breakfast sandwiches, but had to settle for my favorite Cinnamon Crunch Bagel w/ Honey-Walnut Cream Cheese and a coffee instead. Not a bad trade :)

In other weekend news:

We drove around Nashville, stuck in lots of traffic thanks to the many detours going on, and checked out some apartments for The Boy. Hoping he can find something soon and move out of his scary place!

We also discussed the idea of him adopting his own dog (after moving to a better apartment) and fell in love with this adorable Wheaten Terrier/Mix named Christian in a local rescue group. Maybe this will motivate him to be more proactive in the apartment hunt! haha


Random/Misc. News:

Tomorrow we’re getting Bess! I’m trying to get Sheff excited, but right now he just wants to sleep on the couch. Not even watching the Superbowl… tsk tsk

The Winter Olympics starts this weekend!! I only have a few sporting events that I get extremely excited about – that being Tennis Grand Slams, and the Olympics. Friday night is the opening ceremony, and I have a date with my couch! :)


Andy Murray’s Out!!

Can I just say how I’m loving the ability to watch tennis at the most convenient of times? 

Watching tennis after work, while I’m making dinner – lovely
Watching tennis as I get ready to go to sleep at night – perhaps not relaxing, but quite comfortable :)
Being able to turn on the tennis from my bed when my alarm clock wakes me at 5:55am  – priceless!

I was pretty shocked to see Andy Murray lose his match today to Verdasco, but secretly excited because it eliminates one more top seed as a competitor for my man, Roger. But really, Murray is a good guy. He may have crazy British teeth and look like a gangly and angry young guy, but I am a fan. I guess the pressure was a little too much – there was a lot of talk about him possibly winning the Aus Open. But obviously those people forgot about my husband. Geez, he loses the #1 ranking and all of a sudden the world has given up on him?! I think not.

Djokovic and Roddick just started their match; I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to watch before I fall asleep, but I’ll cheer them both on. I like both of these guys too, but have to cheer for Roddick. Not just because he’s the American, but he’s just an all-around good guy. Novak is pretty full of himself, and his constant fist pumps and glares of intimidation drive me nuts. It will be an interesting game, I’m sure. Whoever wins is up against my husband next, so maybe these two can drag it out to 5 sets and wear each other out. That would be lovely. Not that Roger couldn’t take them on fully rested and ready….

I’ll be sad when the open is finished this weekend. No more tennis until the summer. I did hear, however, that the first round of the Davis Cup is actually going to be in Birmingham this coming March, and that it’s the USA vs Switzerland. Which means…. Roger!! Does it make me a bad person if I go and cheer against my own country? Yeah, probably so. And tickets are probably expensive too. But it’s only a few hours’ drive south of me, would be a shame not to even try to go.

OK, on with the show. Go Roddick!

Enough with the snow!

I have to say that seeing snow for me is like a once a year (maybe) event, something that seems so out of place we don’t know what to do with it. Something that causes schools to close. My first winter in Nashville, I’ve already had 3-4 days of seeing snow. Now, nothing really sticks to the ground, so all you northerners/midwesterners can start laughing at me now, but it’s quite enough for me! I cannot wait for spring to get here!!

In fact, it’s making watching the Australian Open that much more lovely. Yes, it may be over 100 degrees down in Melbourne, but right now I think I’d take that. How I do miss Australia and those crazy fun-loving people. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this for the world to see, but I started singing my coldplay songs in the car today in a heavy Aussie accent today while I was driving to pick up free magazines from strangers’ porches (and that’s a whole other story…). There’s something about singing songs in foreign accents that makes it so much more fun. haha! 

As far as tennis goes…. from the few matches I’ve seen so far, here are my thoughts:

  1. I love Roger’s short hair :)
  2. Roger seems playing better than last year, and claims he’s healthy and moving well, but he’s still missing too many shots just long/short. And that’s freaking me out! What happened to the Federer who could nail all those winners in the corner of the court?
  3. Well, it seems that that talent has gone to everyone’s favorite Spaniard. Nadal played his first match incredibly well, and his hard-court ability is also making me super nervous. I wish I could like the guy, because he’s an amzing athlete, but I can’t. Not as long as my husband is out there still trying to win his own matches.
  4. I have yet to watch Roddick, so I can’t comment on his playing. His wife, who is actually one of my fellow interns here at Vanderbilt (amazing, I know!), wasn’t impressed with his playing and predicts he’ll be out soon. She really does love him, I promise. 

On a completely unrelated topic – I feel like I’ve been a terrible American citizen today. For such a hugely memorable day, Obama’s inauguration, I have not watched any of it, read about any of it, or even really cared about it. Que terrible! I was so into the debates, campaigns and election, but I guess now I’m just relieved that he’s in and trusting that things will look up soon. It would, however, be nice if they could plan such inauguration festivities to be at a time when us working folk could watch. I promise that when I’m in office I’ll make that happen :)

The wide world of sports

We watched the opening ceremony from the Beijing Olympics last night. Thanks to NBC for showing it again! Man how I loved those two weeks… I was basically glued to the TV every night when I got home from work. I think my roommate thought I was crazy; she couldn’t grasp my excitement.

And come January 19th, it’ll be time to get excited again, for the Australian Open will have started, and Federer will be back in 2009 to reclaim his #1 ranking!! :)

Federer is looking betterer

New Update: Yes!! He won! Congrats Roger, we knew you could do it! Part of me wishes it was a closer game, but that would have had me way too nervous and yelling at the TV set, so this was perfect. I think I scared my roommate enough by my tennis-watching behaviors, haha.

Update: Roger just won the second set, so I can breathe easier knowing he already has 2 sets under his belt. He had me a little nervous in this set because his unforced errors skyrocketed. And Andy’s knee seems to be bothering him, which I shouldn’t be happy about, but it does give Roger a little bit of an edge..

I’m watching the men’s finals of the US open right now.. and my man is looking good! I’m so glad he’s playing like his old self, at least thus far. And kudos to Andy Murray for getting to the final, I’m glad it’s him and Nadal! Sorry Rafa.

And I envy all the celebrities who get to go to the US Open matches.Especially the final, do they realize how lucky they are!? Probably not. Whenever the camera shows them, they’re never paying attention to the tennis. How I would love to be there… One day, one day when I’m a rich RD I’ll get there. Yeah right. My fellow interns are working on finding me a medical student, so it’s more likely that I marry some rich doctor who can take me to the US Open :)

I’ll update this later when we see who wins.

Oh yes Federer!

I feel like a crappy fan for not following the tennis much better during the Olympics, but it’s hardly received much coverage from NBC. I checked this morning online to see what was going on, and was so happy to see that Federer and Wawrinka won gold in the mens’ doubles. Yay Roger! He finally got his olympic gold medal :)

Oh no Federer!

I was shopping today with the roommate, when my evil sister called and shouted into the phone: “DID YOU HEAR? FEDERER LOST!!! HAHA, HE LOST TO BLAKE! AND IT’S SO EXCITING, AND BLAKE WAS BRAGGING ABOUT BEATING THE #1 PLAYER! HAHA! FEDERER LOST!”.

Needless to say, I am not happy with my sister.

But I’m so sad for Roger. Poor guy, he really needed a medal here to boost his self-confidence. But I’ve been watching him play, and he’s just not the old Roger; that powerful forehand isn’t there anymore. It makes me so sad to see it, almost like watching a hurt animal try to walk. Breaks my little heart. And of course, he won’t ever admit anything is wrong with him, his ego has never suffered, but he did say today how disappointed he was. And really, I’m excited for Blake making it this far, but wish he could’ve taken out someone else, not Federer. Perhaps Nadal? Best of luck to Djokovic in the semis against Rafa, I’ll be cheering Serbia on!

Federer still has his doubles matches to focus on, so there’s still hope for a medal. And the US Open is just around the corner, although I’m starting to feel nervous about it already. People don’t seem to realize how seriously I take my tennis. I changed my facebook status to “devastated” after I heard the news, and immediately people started asking me what was wrong, expecting to hear about a death in the family or something similar. No no, I assured them. But I did explain that my passion for professional tennis is analogous to the south’s obsession for college football. Very similar in fact.

So, good luck Djokovic in your semi-final, good luck Federer and Wawrinka in your doubles, and good luck Ryan Lochte in the 200 IM tonight against Michael Phelps! You can beat him!!