I’m an RD!!


I am no longer RD2B readers…. this morning at 11am I became an official Registered Dietitian!

Yes, I survived and passed the exam with flying colors. The 4th in my class to join the ranks of RDs all over the country. My 3 weeks of studying seemed to be totally sufficient, and I felt pretty good while taking the test. Of course there were some questions that came out of no where, but that’s with any test. I also seemed to have surprising amount of questions regarding dishwashers – who knew they were so central to the role of a dietitian? haha

So afterwards, I had a celebratory lunch at Kalamata’s, for my favorite Nashville meal – the falafel pocket. I will miss that pita sandwich of goodness, stuffed with falafel, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and tzatziki. yum yum yum!!

And what was the rest of my celebratory day? Actually not that fun. I spent the entire afternoon pacing and loading my car. Due to some unfortunate family medical issues, the boyfriend had to leave town yesterday, so he hasn’t been here to celebrate or pack with me. This has been the first time moving without help…. and it’s hard work! I almost had a breakdown at one point with all these heavy boxes and trying to figure out how on earth I was going to get everything to the farm by myself. A Sonic Java Chiller later and I was feeling much better. Plus, it helped to get a call from the doorman saying he had something for me at the desk……. beautiful flowers from the boyfriend! He was feeling bad for not being in town to celebrate with me (I was promised dinner anywhere I wanted), but the lovely flowers certainly helped. He even remembered how much I love sunflowers, and although the florist couldn’t get any for such a fast order (he called them as soon as he heard I passed the test) – she included some beautiful big sun-colored daisies. Perfect!

So, now at 9:45pm, I’m watching Dan in Real Life, trying to relax and unwind a little, with my Yoplait Thick’n’Creamy 100 Calorie Cinnamon Roll yogurt (it’s good!). My car is totally filled to the guts and will be ready for trip numero uno to the farm tomorrow at 6am. By this weekend I am going to be totally exhausted. I predict 3 trips to the farm to get everything – and at 7-8 hours per round trip, you can imagine all the fun I’m having by myself. I just hope things go OK with the boyfriend so we can spend this weekend together as previously planned – we were hoping to see Alton Brown at the Food Network Southern Food & Wine Festival!! That would certainly be a nice belated celebration for any new RD :),


Today’s Random Conversation

Today’s random conversation took place in my building’s elevator with the doorman. He had seen me several times today already, doing some laundry.

Doorman: “Don’t you have to work during the day?”

Me: “Actually, I just finished my program at Vanderbilt. So, right now I’m in the job-hunting phase.”

Doorman: “Oh, sorry.”

<awkward silence>

Doorman: “What are you trying to be?”

Me: “A dietitian. That’s the plan.”

Doorman: “Sorry you’re having to do this. Good luck!”

I’m assuming his apologies were for me being unemployed, not being a future dietitian. haha. Things aren’t completely bleak though – I have an interview here in Nashville next week to be an outpatient diabetes counselor (pretty much my dream job) and hopefully will have an interview up in Louisville, Kentucky, sometime in the future with a new child weight management clinic through the U. of Louisville School of Med. I would love either of them!! So, fingers crossed :)

In the mean time, I have started studying for the RD exam today. I printed a July calendar, and filled in what I plan to study each day. The hope is I can get all my studying done this month, and then take the exam by the beginning of August. I have no idea where I’lll be living August 1st, so things could be fun :). hahaha

Greetings from South Carolina!

Good morning from Anderson, South Carolina! I came up here on a 2 day road trip with some of my RD2B friends (no longer interns! yay). Elena has an interview with a nursing home here, and so we tagged along… mainly to enjoy our last time together before we all move apart and start work. And maybe… because we stopped at Ikea in Atlanta :) haha

I know it’s been a very very long time since I’ve last blogged. Let’s just say that in the past 2 months things have been crazy. Just to sum it up –> I successfully finished the internship and graduated 2 weeks ago, have had several interviews but no offers yet, and have actually got me a boyfriend. haha yes I know. You’ll probably be learning more about him as the blogging continues. Yes, I promise the blog will continue. Being unemployed, I definitely have some time on my hands now. Although… I realize I’m going to have to change the name of the blog – I can’t really be RD2B anymore, can I?! I’m hoping to be RD in just a month or so. Which reminds me of how much studying lies ahead of me… oh lord. I brought my hundreds of flashcards in the car yesterday and starting testing the three of us. Let’s just say we have a lot to study :)

Thanks to you, my readers, if you’re still reading. I know my mother is. haha. I’ll do my best to be a more regular blogger and fill you in on all my summer adventures. :)