Happy Summer Solstice!

While other people spend the longest day of the year outside celebrating, soaking up the sun and enjoying the company of loved ones, I was at the dentist.

4 shots of novocain for 2 measly fillings, and 5 hours of numbness that left be unable to speak. If you know me, you know this is NOT my norm!

I also think it’s cruel for the dental hygienist to try to strike up a conversation, when clearly I cannot talk.

You’re moving? Where”

Nawf Cawoyina”

Great! What part?”

Chapuh Hiw”

For school?”


“What are you studying?”


Well that’s great to hear. How much longer for the degree?”

At this point, I gave up, pretended I couldn’t hear her and headed to the reception. Luckily, the receptionist was a dear and just said “You’re good to go Elizabeth, we’ll file the insurance”.

At least SOMEONE understands not to mess with me. It’s just wrong to do that to us numb patients…

So, I came back, greeted Sheff (Harley is at the vet for 72 hours for his heartworm treatment) and checked out the garden.


I hadn’t seen the garden in several days due to my Denver trip. The recent rain turned my veggies into overdrive!

There were 3 or 4 yellow squash ready for the picking, a monstrous zucchini (30 ounces!!), and at least 40 tomatoes on the plants (still green). BUT.. the most exciting thing for me was the baby butternuts. They’re everywhere! I feel like I heard somewhere that you should pull off some of the developing squash, so the plant can concentrate into just making a few extra-awesome butternuts, rather than numerous mediocre butternuts… anyone concur? Not sure I want to abort these guys though… I might give them all a chance.

And so… what to do with the zucchini with a BMI of 50? Make zucchini bread, of course!


Everything tastes better in Pyrex!


And even better with a Pyrex pot holder!


Apparently we’re having some crazy storm right now. The sky is black, the wind is crazy, and Sheff is in the bath tub. Better go find my flash light and be prepared!


Happy St Pats!

The weather finally turned into spring today. It’s been absolutely beautiful – over 70 degrees, and staying up there for the next 10 days!! How exciting!

The trees are in bloom, the grass is green, the sun stays out later, and my allergies haven’t started yet. All is good in the world.


What could be better?

Having a lucky day thrifting, and coming home with some new pyrex and federal glassware.

Haven’t photographed them yet, but some of the pieces may end up in my etsy store to generate some grad-school money.

DSCN1383 here is a preview – very retro/geometric!

In other news:

Harley is very excited to let you know that he graduated from obedience class last night and passed the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test! He’ll now have official paperwork and a certificate letting everyone know how well-mannered he his! This might also help if he decides to go into therapy-dog work in the future…


yay Harley!!

(Annie, who still acts like a caffeinated speedster and can’t hold still for more than a nanosecond, decided to skip the test and just enjoy the pizza party)


March is also National Nutrition Month. Being the RD that I am, I hope to write a few posts about some important nutrition topics, and changes I am making to my own diet, after being educated at the annual SCAN Symposium in Chicago last week.

DSCN1370this was taken at Navy Pier. and no, this is not my dietary advice 

Lovin my dishes

If you remember well, my 25th birthday was 5 days ago. Yesterday, a big heavy box with my name on it was delivered, from my best friend and college roommate. Hmm, what heavy items would people send to me? Might it start with the letter p? Yes, it might :)


This, my dears, is Pyrex Tableware. A whole new world to explore, separate from the mixing bowls and casseroles that we all love. This are items you can use in your everyday eating! I would like to time travel back a few decades, to a time when restaurants used Pyrex Tableware. Wouldn’t THAT have been awesome??

I already had 3 saucers in the matching blue stripe pattern. If you remember, I ate breakfast birthday cake on it the day after my birthday:


So now I have saucers, dinner plates, and a teacup that all match. Lovely


And the pink flamingo saucers I received match the 3 pink-rimmed bowls I picked up at a thrift a few weeks ago:


Thanks Mandi!!!

Today was 50% off day at East Tennessee are Goodwill stores, and to my delight I found a stack of “Swiss Chalet” saucers for $1.25 total!!


I love this pattern, and just wish I could find some more at an affordable price!

My new dish friends, altogether now:


I don’t think I’ll ever have brand-new, matching dishes. Vintage dishes in various patterns and colors are too much fun!!

A beautiful fall weekend!

Exhibit A: New pyrex fall display, complete with pinecones and homegrown pumpkins:


Exhibit B: Dogs sunning themselves in awesome 70 degree weather:

DSCN0925  We had to say goodbye to Harmo today, sniff sniff. She is now making her way to a lovely 50 acre farm near Ithaca, New York. We’ll miss you all, Harmo! (Sheff already misses her and is showing it by howling at the banana bread on the counter. The saddest sounds I’ve ever heard him produce, it’s killing me!)

Exhibit C: A trip through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park today to take in the peak fall colors!



DSCN0945 We drove all the way through, from Tennessee to North Carolina.


And a vegetarian feast with friends to carve pumpkins:

Corey’s, on the right, is “Steven P. Cyclops” and mine is Skully, on the left.


Hope everyone else has had a great weekend! Time for me to get in bed!

Comments on the day


Was pure bliss. Loved it. It’s located in a resort here, nestled among the smoky mountains. We should rent a cabin there. Oh wait, there’s this whole house in the mountains I live in. haha. Back to the massage – I left feeling so refreshed and relaxed! But I do feel like my morning shower was wasted, since I left with greasy stringy hair thanks to the massage oil. Other than that, it was great.

Garage Sales

Must have stopped at a dozen garage sales on my way to/from the spa. I swear, people must be getting desperate, selling their underwear and half-empty bottles of shampoo/lotion. Come on people! Where is your vintage Pyrex!?

Oh, here it is :)


I found this set of 4 Pyrex cups in the “Harvest Home” pattern, which was only made during 1981-1983 (older than me = vintage). They also came with the matching Corelle bread plates, and for $2 I couldn’t pass it up. Plus, the money went to a Martial Arts academy, and I have to support mountain children learning to defend themselves, right?


Perfect for fall! And yes, I am using my Autumn Harvest 403 mixing bowl as a centerpiece, filled up with Harmo’s handpicked pine cones from the driveway. We’re very Martha-Stewart-like here.

College Football

Today was the infamous Georgia/Tennessee game. I have gone several years in the past, both in Athens, and in Knoxville. I always cheer for Georgia and I always wear my red and black. Today I chose a muted red shirt, so I didn’t scream “egg my car!” to the locals. Several of the garage sales I attended had the radio tuned in to the game, and when I heard the score, a smile crept on my face. Go dawgs!

Harmo’s Car Therapy

Harmo is now sporting a fancy schmancy car harness. Makes her look even more like a St. Bernard, out to search for human remains on a snowy mountain. haha.

She likes it just fine, and we took it for a 15 minute spin this afternoon. I can’t tell that the harness did anything; she wasn’t really restricted anymore than usual (can still try to force herself onto my lap while I’m driving). But I do think she’s getting better in the car. This time she just laid down,  with her head in my lap. Not bad. Can we extrapolate her behavior for a 15 minute ride to a 12 hour ride? Hmm… that’s a good question for Sheldon:


Today’s cooking:

Made delicious potato soup for dinner. Chatting online with The Boy during cooking has left potato starch on my keyboard. Darn.

Dessert will be a warm pumpkin scone with cinnamon glaze and a glass of pseudo 2% milk. Impressed? I found the recipe here, had all the ingredients waiting for me in the pantry (I used canned butternut, which is apparently what canned pumpkin often is anyway!), and decided to go for it. They are now resting, on my redneck cooling rack (= upside down muffin tin) while I finish this and the dogs watch the last few minutes of “Never Been Kissed”. Yes, they like Drew Barrymore. 

Time to get glazin’ — Good night!

Quick exciting news to get out of the way:

  • The US Open started today – so my TV will be tuned to ESPN2 for the next 2 weeks :)
  • Sheldon, aka Jim Parsons, won an Emmy last night for best Actor in a Comedy Series. I was so overjoyed when he won. It was a similar to feeling as when Roger wins a grand slam (see above). Makes my heart happy :)

OK, so hoping everyone is having a great Monday and a lovely start to the week! I’ve been busy working on school menu analysis for future Go, Slow, Whoa schools. Seeing this news article was inspiring, but comparing the school children of Portland, Oregon, to those of East Tennessee is probably an unwise decision. :(

My weekend was lovely – spent Friday night with my mom going to thrift/vintage stores, eating crepes for dinner, seeing Eat Pray Love, and ending the night with Rita’s frozen custard. Doesn’t get much better, does it?

Saturday and Sunday were in Nashville with The Boy. Went to the Tennessee Flea Market – held the last weekend of the month at the state fairgrounds. How on earth did I not know about this event when I lived there???? The place was packed with people and full of stuff. We headed straight for the area with real junk treasures, as opposed to the tables of cheap socks, shampoo and office supplies. Come one people.. who wants to go to a flea market to buy new stuff you bought in bulk??

Anyway.. I was able to find some pyrex. And I must admit, I was surprised to see that The Boy had developed quite the eye for spotting pyrex out of a crowd (or maybe he was just trying to speed up the process so we could leave, haha).

I came home with my first piece of Friendship:


love this pattern!

As well as this orange divided dish that the guy sold cheap, but it unfortunately didn’t have its beautiful sunflower/daisy lid :(


And… here’s the new set up in the laundry room! The colors work quite nicely, don’t you think?


A Weekend in the Queen City


Check out what I scored from Saturday’s garage sales in Charlotte, NC!

Kathy and I had a lot of fun, driving all over Charlotte and scoring some great finds. For me, this included:

  • some dirt cheap corning ware (75 cents!) from an estate sale
  • “Passionate Vegetarian” cookbook, by Crescent Dragonwagon. Sure to have some great meal ideas for $1 (and they threw in a pack of cupcake liners for free)
  • an adorable Fire King Primrose custard cup (25 cents!)
  • a stuffed hedgehog squeaky toy for the dogs (not pictured… currently buried under the tomato plants courtesy of Miss Harmony)
  • and of course… pyrex!! I had arranged a meeting with an ex-collector in Charlotte who is selling her entire collection (gasp!) to move into a smaller house. I bought this Butterprint mixing bowl from her, and then my eyes fell on the 1 gallon casserole dish in Butterfly Gold. Never seen anything like it! It’s absolutely huge and I knew I had to have it. Not sure how often I’ll cook a gallon of anything at a time, but Thanksgiving is only a few months away, right??

Kathy scored the deal of the century when she found a stack of 6 assorted cast iron pans for only $5!! She also picked up some small pyrex 401 mixing bowls… I think I’ve converted her :)


Speaking of Pyrex… I just about had an arrhythmia when I came across this booth at an antique mall in Concord. Of course the prices were astronomical, but it sure was fun to see it all in one place. I can only aspire to have a collection so large (joking… seriously.. joking) 


Miss Harmony went to adoption day while I was out of town and was quite the head turner. (Except for the fact that the others were already trained with tricks, and we still can’t even get her to sit!!)