Clapton Tutorial

Playing wonder-woman…

Being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I bought The Boy tickets to the upcoming Eric Clapton concert in Nashville. I know, I’m awesome :)

In preparation, I spent this afternoon Groovesharking Eric Clapton’s greatest hits, so I would be familiar. It’s embarrassing to admit that I don’t know much of his music, but after listening to it I realized that I knew a lot, I just didn’t know those were his songs. I think we’ll have a fun time!

Playing Teacher…

So yes, I taught two classes today at the local high school. And… I had a blast! Turns out I am able to lecture/teach for an entire 90 minute class – WOW! The kids were actually pretty attentive, asked questions, and seemed somewhat interested. Such a relief! The teachers were sooo appreciative of my volunteering to come out and speak, and I’ll admit – it was a nice break!

I return tomorrow for the afternoon classes. I’m going to bring my “Eat This Not That” book and show them a couple things – I think that will go over well.

Most of their questions seemed related to

  • label reading (we had a good tutorial)
  • artificial sweeteners (apparently they cause Alzheimer’s and the formation of embalming fluid in your stomach!?)
  • fad diets (after I just finished talking about how fad diets are not healthy)

Oh high school. I do not miss those years at all. The guys still act like jerks, and the girls still act like morons….

Playing news woman… (my life news, not world news, sorry)

Starbucks in Burger King? Not cool.

– I feel a little sore from yesterday’s workout. But after watching the sprint skiing events, I should be ashamed. That looks like quite possibly the most all-out athletic event ever. Those poor guys/girls just collapse into the snow as soon as they make it past the finish line. And kudos to Slovenia’s Petra Madjic for taking the bronze, after crashing and injuring her ribs earlier today – although she seriously collapsed after the final and had to be carried off the course.

– Received my awesome chocolate/peanut butter cookies from Lindsey today (from the Bake4Haiti online bake sale), so delicious!

– Temps this weekend will be in upper 50s, possibly 60 in Georgia! Yay for a warm birthday celebration :)




Oh yes Federer!

I feel like a crappy fan for not following the tennis much better during the Olympics, but it’s hardly received much coverage from NBC. I checked this morning online to see what was going on, and was so happy to see that Federer and Wawrinka won gold in the mens’ doubles. Yay Roger! He finally got his olympic gold medal :)

Oh no Federer!

I was shopping today with the roommate, when my evil sister called and shouted into the phone: “DID YOU HEAR? FEDERER LOST!!! HAHA, HE LOST TO BLAKE! AND IT’S SO EXCITING, AND BLAKE WAS BRAGGING ABOUT BEATING THE #1 PLAYER! HAHA! FEDERER LOST!”.

Needless to say, I am not happy with my sister.

But I’m so sad for Roger. Poor guy, he really needed a medal here to boost his self-confidence. But I’ve been watching him play, and he’s just not the old Roger; that powerful forehand isn’t there anymore. It makes me so sad to see it, almost like watching a hurt animal try to walk. Breaks my little heart. And of course, he won’t ever admit anything is wrong with him, his ego has never suffered, but he did say today how disappointed he was. And really, I’m excited for Blake making it this far, but wish he could’ve taken out someone else, not Federer. Perhaps Nadal? Best of luck to Djokovic in the semis against Rafa, I’ll be cheering Serbia on!

Federer still has his doubles matches to focus on, so there’s still hope for a medal. And the US Open is just around the corner, although I’m starting to feel nervous about it already. People don’t seem to realize how seriously I take my tennis. I changed my facebook status to “devastated” after I heard the news, and immediately people started asking me what was wrong, expecting to hear about a death in the family or something similar. No no, I assured them. But I did explain that my passion for professional tennis is analogous to the south’s obsession for college football. Very similar in fact.

So, good luck Djokovic in your semi-final, good luck Federer and Wawrinka in your doubles, and good luck Ryan Lochte in the 200 IM tonight against Michael Phelps! You can beat him!!

Dinner and olympics

Mmmm.. that’s the dinner I just finished. It was excellent. My inspiration came from another blogger who had created a flatbread cobb salad. It’s not really a cobb salad, since I don’t eat chicken or bacon, and I didn’t use a pizza crust like she did. I used a whole wheat naan from Whole Foods (or what I really believe to be “whole paycheck” after paying $5 for 3 on-the-vine tomatoes yesterday), topped with olive oil, garlic, pepper, italian seasoning and parmesan, baked for 5 minutes, then topped with baby greens (dressed with a homemade red-wine vinaigrette), chopped tomato, sweet corn straight off the cob, hardboiled egg, and avocado. Yum yum yum! A little messy to eat, but that’s OK. Went along perfectly with watching the men’s synchro diving tonight :)

The weather has been lovely here, hasn’t gotten up to 90 for the last 4 days or so, which I’m very thankful for. Today’s also the first day back at school for Nashville area schools. I have decided that the condo above me must be a family with children. Walking back from my car yesterday, I think I saw some bunk beds in the room above me, which would explain all the thudding that goes on. Sure enough, the little sasquatches woke me up this morning as they got ready for school. I guess I may not even need to set an alarm clock, just hope that my rotations have a similar start time to the littles’ schoolday. And again at 4pm, they were back from school and resumed jumping off the bunk beds and running around. Maybe they’re just really excited about the Olympics, I’ll excuse them if that’s the case.

Speaking of the Olympics, it’s pretty much been my life for the last few days. The mens 4×100 freestyle relay last night has to be one of the most exciting swimming events I’ve ever seen. I was standing in front of my TV, jumping up and down and screaming. I was almost as excited as the oversized terrier. Well, not quite that much because I’m not trying to win 8 gold medals, but you know, pretty excited. I’ve been watching beach volleyball too, since that seems to be the popular olympic sport these days, but it’s not thrilling. Which reminds me – can anyone explain to me why the American men played with their sunglasses without lenses? They looked pretty silly with only frames on…

In tennis news, poor Lindsey Davenport had to pull out of the singles for an injury, but is still playing doubles. Both Nadal and Federer won their first matches, although Nadal lost a set to his opponent. Of course I really want to see Federer win gold, that’s really what his psyche needs at this point so he can get his rear back in gear and knock Nadal off the #1. Come on Roger!

I went on a good walk this morning, almost 4 miles I think and no problem whatsoever with my hip. So I now pronounce myself cured and able to do another half-marathon. yay. I walked through Vandy’s campus this morning, which was pretty dead since classes haven’t started up yet, and Centennial Park. Love seeing the Parthenon in the morning, I could get used to this life! There’s also Shakespeare in the Park starting up this week, so maybe K and I can check it out before the internship starts and our fun ends.

OK, that’s all from me. Back to the olympics-watching. Go USA!