Greetings from the Farm!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I left Nashville a week ago and headed east, to my mom’s childhood farm just outisde of Maryville, TN. We finally got internet put in the house, but it’s dial-up so blogging is a little more difficult than usual. I’ll try to give a basic recap on what’s been going on:

I am starting to feel like a real RD now. I received my welcome information from our professional/credentialing organizations, and have even begun my journey of continuing education. As RDs, you must earn 75 credits every 5 hours. Well, in my first month of RDness, I will already have 29. Can we say nerd?? haha. I listened to a webinar earlier this week on translating nutritional epidemiological studies (I know, I’m sure you’re fascinated too!). Had to drive into town to go use the county’s library’s free wireless. But it was quite informative. I’ve also signed up for ADA’s Certificate program in Adult Weight Management, which is in a month back in Nashville so I’m excited about the opportunity to go back, see The Boy and my favorite places.

I’m also equally excited, if not more, about a potential job that I interviewed for yesterday. It’s back in Nashville (phone interview, that is) and would honestly be my dream first job. So we’ll see how it goes! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

If things go well with that job, I’m rewarding myself with a trip into Knoxville to one of their cupcake bakeries. How strange that the first thing I do now in a new city is research local cupcakeries?! I think it’s become a new obsession. Could be worse things, right?

Speaking of new cities… I’ll be spending next weekend in Cincinnati with The Boy. He’s dragging me to the Blink 182 concert (not exactly Coldplay… but this is the give and take in the relationship) and a trip to Kings Island (he obviously hasn’t figured out I’m not a thrill ride seeker… maybe my refusal/fear of go-karts wasn’t clear enough!). Of course, I’m also going to look into the things I want to do. Which could include fun local restaurants, bakeries, parks, attractions. You know, Elizabeth stuff :)

So it’s been nice being here, having my R&R as my internship director tells me. Not having to study, or pack boxes of my junk. In fact, I don’t even know what I do all day. We put up a hammock in the back, so I have taken to daily naps out on the hammock, listening to the sounds of nearby cows. It’s also been a good time to catch up on my readings and sudoku, and I have plans in the next few weeks to make a scrapbook of my internship/Nashville year, as well as complete a few paint by numbers. Should be fun!


I’m an RD!!


I am no longer RD2B readers…. this morning at 11am I became an official Registered Dietitian!

Yes, I survived and passed the exam with flying colors. The 4th in my class to join the ranks of RDs all over the country. My 3 weeks of studying seemed to be totally sufficient, and I felt pretty good while taking the test. Of course there were some questions that came out of no where, but that’s with any test. I also seemed to have surprising amount of questions regarding dishwashers – who knew they were so central to the role of a dietitian? haha

So afterwards, I had a celebratory lunch at Kalamata’s, for my favorite Nashville meal – the falafel pocket. I will miss that pita sandwich of goodness, stuffed with falafel, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and tzatziki. yum yum yum!!

And what was the rest of my celebratory day? Actually not that fun. I spent the entire afternoon pacing and loading my car. Due to some unfortunate family medical issues, the boyfriend had to leave town yesterday, so he hasn’t been here to celebrate or pack with me. This has been the first time moving without help…. and it’s hard work! I almost had a breakdown at one point with all these heavy boxes and trying to figure out how on earth I was going to get everything to the farm by myself. A Sonic Java Chiller later and I was feeling much better. Plus, it helped to get a call from the doorman saying he had something for me at the desk……. beautiful flowers from the boyfriend! He was feeling bad for not being in town to celebrate with me (I was promised dinner anywhere I wanted), but the lovely flowers certainly helped. He even remembered how much I love sunflowers, and although the florist couldn’t get any for such a fast order (he called them as soon as he heard I passed the test) – she included some beautiful big sun-colored daisies. Perfect!

So, now at 9:45pm, I’m watching Dan in Real Life, trying to relax and unwind a little, with my Yoplait Thick’n’Creamy 100 Calorie Cinnamon Roll yogurt (it’s good!). My car is totally filled to the guts and will be ready for trip numero uno to the farm tomorrow at 6am. By this weekend I am going to be totally exhausted. I predict 3 trips to the farm to get everything – and at 7-8 hours per round trip, you can imagine all the fun I’m having by myself. I just hope things go OK with the boyfriend so we can spend this weekend together as previously planned – we were hoping to see Alton Brown at the Food Network Southern Food & Wine Festival!! That would certainly be a nice belated celebration for any new RD :),

Back in the Music City

Happy Monday everyone!

I drove back to Nashville yesterday. A long 12 hour drive on my own. But it wasn’t too terrible.

Breakfast: Driving up I-59, I discovered that East Texas small towns love their little donut shacks, complete with drive-thru’s of course. I stopped at “Billy’s Donuts” in Livingstone, around 9am. Billy’s sells Shipley’s donuts, some of our favorites! I had a big cinnamon twist and a medium cup of coffee. I discovered on the drive to Houston a week ago that I needed some morning caffeine being on the road that early. So, did this cup of coffee do the trick? Well, it burned my tongue pretty bad (sorry Kathy and Elena, I still can’t figure out the straw in coffee thing) but once I let it cool down, it was good. Oh, and I got sugar all over my clothes and car from the cinnamon twist. But a good breakfast :)

Entertainment: No exciting stops during this trip. I have found that borrowing audiobooks from your local library is a great way to pass the time. This trip I listened to Jeanne Ray’s “Eat Cake” … of course, anything with a title like that will appeal to me! I also liked the fact that it was the author who read/recorded the book. I feel like that way you get a more authentic feel for the characters and such. Although I do have to say, Jeanne Ray’s voice wasn’t the most exciting. Oh well….

Exciting News from Matrix: Yes, this is a category in itself. My car would like to share a few fun facts from his journey:

  • I filled up with gas in Hope, Arkansas – the home of the world’s largest watermelon and the birthplace of Bill Clinton!
  • After putting in a clean engine air filter (the first time we’ve done this in 48,000 miles) I got record-high gas mileage on the drive back. Averaging 36 miles to the gallon!! Beat that you big dumb SUVs!! Even with a full car and dirty engine filter, we were still getting 32-33mpg, but really – 36?! wow :)

Moral of the story – keep your tires properly inflated and a change out your engine air filter regularly!


On to new, non-driving topics.

It is quite hard to believe that in less than 48 hours I am taking the RD exam. I basically did little to none studying while at home, and was probably more prepared to take this thing 10 days ago than I am now. Uh oh. haha. I promise I will get some studying done this afternoon (although it’s hard with my mile high to-do list), and definitely all day tomorrow. I’m meeting another intern/graduate/RD2B at Starbucks tomorrow for a study session, so that should get me back in the groove.

Oh, speaking of Starbucks- I went in today (after checking out Nashville’s lastest cupcake shop.. but that’s another post) and bought myself one of their big city mugs as a souvenir before I move away from Nashville. I’ve always admired them, I think they sell them in most cities. Anyway, it’s a nice big NASHVILLE mug, and I think it will be wonderful for my morning cup of tea… which I did have this morning, and could tell a difference without that teaspoon (or less!) of heavy cream. Oh, the life of someon who is moving in 4 days and trying to clean out their kitchen. I have so little left. The boyfriend was amazed yesterday to see that my freezer inventory seems to be completely made of bags of frozen peas now. Not sure why I have so many bags of peas, but I do. What can you do with large quantities of frozen peas?

OK, better get to some actually studying now. Yeah right… hahaha

Today’s thoughts

Today’s post doesn’t really have a theme or topic, it’s just a collection of things going through my head. Sorry to disappoint you.

1. Last night I went to see the Houston Symphony do a Pink Floyd show. It was interesting to say the least. My Dad is a huge Pink fan, so he was really looking forward to it. We had fairly good seats way up high, which induced some anxiety in my Mother (who now vows to never return to the Toyota Center, and now Jones Hall). A wide range of people in the audience – the usual, well-dressed season ticket holders for the Houston Symphony, and the big Pink Floyd fans dressed for a rock concert. A good time was had by all :)

2. We’ve finally made our plans for the big move to Nashville. So I have a little less than 2 weeks left in Texas before we head up. I get one day in Athens to pack up my apartment. I wish I could have more time in Athens; I know I won’t want to spend what time I have there shoving things into boxes. However, I know I’ll be coming back to visit people and places, so it’s not a final goodbye to the classic city. Renting a minivan to fit all my junk in has become quite the hassle. We were planning on picking up a rental car as we pass through Atlanta, and return it in Nashville. Yeah, well it turns out that everyone is out of rental cars, and Hertz has a minivan, but for $550 for two days!! I think not. So now the plan is to pick up a rental car in Birmingham the night before, which will save us a few hundred dollars. This will be the last Texas –> Athens drive we ever make, don’t think I’ll miss it at all!!

3. My left hip flexor has somehow become aggrevated, causing me problems for any walk over 2 miles. Very frustrating, it’s hard to believe that I never had any injuries during my half-marathon training (not counting my million blisters), and now that I start walking occasionally during the summer I can’t get home without limping. 6 miles last monday, hip flexor started acting up at mile 2 or 3. I took off the rest of the week so I could let it rest, did lots of stretching and yoga, and felt good. Yesterday, went out for 5 miles, and it started up by mile 2. I have no idea what I did to upset the poor little muscles, I’d really appreciate it if they’d fill me in. I haven’t changed anything; same shoes, same legs, same music and speed… So I guess my plan of action is to rest it, and to give up my long distances. Stick with 1-2 miles until I can do that without problems and gradually build back up. And keep stretching and yoga-ing.

4. Two weeks left for summer cooking at home. There are still some things I’d like to tackle. Namely, homemade gnocchi, and some baking. I feel the need for good homemade chocolate-chip cookies. And after reading a very insightful article from the New York Times on the perfect cookie recipe, I feel armed and ready!