A girl’s night in!

Wednesday afternoon. I took the day off from exercise and decided to spoil myself on this rainy day – a little shopping on the way home, lots of time reading this afternoon (with tennis on in the background, of course), pumpkin pancakes for dinner, and my first netflix movie tonight!!

After work I stopped by the post office to mail my new Christmas watch back to the service center in Brooklyn, NY. The Boy gave me a beautiful Swiss-made mechanical watch for Christmas, the kind that automatically ‘charges’ with motion, so there’s no battery. But unfortunately it was faulty, and doesn’t keep time very well, so I’ve mailed it off to be fixed/replaced. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take the 6 weeks that the warranty card warned about!

And then I decided to stop by Ross for a little shopping. Yesterday, I discovered the $50 AT&T rebate VISA card in my wallet…. free money! I didn’t do any crazy shopping or anything… just picked up a new workout shirt and some new running socks (mine are all getting too thin or tight). Checking out, I told the cashier I didn’t need a bag – I’d just carry the items out. Most people think I’m crazy, but finally someone understood my desire to help out the environment. Her eyes lit up and she said “Thank you! I’m a tree-hugger myself, and people always give me a hard time, but I appreciate your effort!”. So there are a few others like me out there :)

Rain rain rain. Sheff isn’t going to get much outside time today (sorry buddy!). I’m about to plonk down on the couch with all my books (my current novel, travel books and cook books) and get some reading done.

And then… breakfast for dinner! Yay! I forgot I had that Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake Mix sitting in the pantry. Sounds marvelous. Maybe a soy-sage patty on the side to bump up my protein intake.

But I can’t get too full, because I’m going to pop some popcorn for my first official Netflix movie night. I rented “The Women” and we’ll see how good it is!



Psych patients at work AND home..

Good, busy day at work today! The hospital census was WAY up after New Year (as predicted), giving me lots to do :)

I stopped at the gym and pharmacy on the way home, and arrived to a happy puppy. He raced outside, ran around the front, rolled on his back (although the 25 degree weather led to shorter rolls).

From the back window, I watched as he jumped around the back yard with a large stuffed cat animal (left from Annie the crazy mini lab). He was having so much fun out there with the toy! And then…. all of a sudden, something snapped. He dropped the cat, put his tail between his legs, his head down, and raced to the door to come inside. What on earth is wrong with my fur baby?! I went out, couldn’t see or hear anything that would’ve been an obvious scare.

After trying to distract him with dinner, cookie monster, or Diane Sawyer, I gave up and gave him one of his emergency-only sedatives.

3 hours later….

He’s totally out on the couch. I ate my dinner in peace (always enjoyable!), and found him creeping into the kitchen while I did the dishes. Poor dear, he’s so drugged, his legs were slipping out from under him. When he tried to walk back to the couch, I found that his legs were criss-crossing. Like a drunk!

I can’t get him to go outside and do his bedtime business. Not sure if he’s still scared of whatever it was, or if he’s just too drugged/drunk to know why I’m wanting him to go outside. Sigh. The life of having a psychotic/neurotic fur baby :(

In other news…

The Boy and I are planning a 2010 challenge: work our way through IMDB’s Top 250 movies of all time. Being the movie buff that he is, he’s already seen a lot. Me… I’ve probably seen 10, maybe 12. hahaha.

So we used a random number generator and picked 5 numbers to get us going:

190 – Harvey
16 – Ciudade de Deus (City of God)
209 – Duck Soup
149 – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
241 – His Girl Friday

Surprisingly, we landed on 5 that neither of us had seen (and I hardly recognized). Some of these are super old, and may be hard to find, so I think we’ll be starting with Butch Cassidy. We’ll (or, I will) keep you updated on our cinematic journey!

Now off to watch tonight’s Big Bang Theory (rerun) and a little bible reading before bed. Stay warm everyone! According to Diane Sawyer, this is the coldest winter in 25 years!! Brrrr

Being a canine mom

Sunday in the smokies…. it’s a surprisingly beautiful day out. After a week of gray drizzlyness, we finally got sunshine today.

My parents left for Texas at 4am. They’re somewhere in Louisiana as we speak, with Annie (crazy black mini lab) and Neuman (chubby ninja beagle)… leaving me with Sheff!


He’s doing ok without his siblings thus far. Definitely confused though. Every little noise gets his attention, like he’s expecting them to come barreling through the door any minute. But I think he’s enjoying having all the attention, dog beds, and not having to compete at dinner time.

After doing some household cleaning/organizing this morning and enjoying the sunshine outside, I took Sheff to town for his first professional pedicure. He absolutely hates having his nails clipped, and since PetsMart will do it for a mere $9 I figured we’d give it a shot. He was super excited to be going for a ride in Matrix (probably thought he was going to meet up with the rest of his family somewhere), and was fairly overwhelmed when we got to PetsMart – animals and food everywhere!

He did very well for his pedicure – I was afraid he might nip the staff due to his high level of fear/anxiety, but he was really good, and the girl was finished in no time at all. As a reward, he picked out a nice smoked pig femur to gnaw on when we got home. I tried to entice him with a soft, squeaky carrot toy (he has no vegetable toys thus far), but the femur won.

Stopped at the grocery store on the way back, where I picked up a bag full of delicious honeycrisp apples ! Made a great snack with almond butter this afternoon. Now I’m on the couch, washing machine full of laundry, watching Dan in Real Life, which I think is a great fall movie. Sheff of course loves it too :)

So, a nice lazy Sunday here. Yesterday we had our first fire, and it was magnificent. But I don’t see that happening too often, without someone else to start/control it. I’m not a big fan of flames myself, just sitting by them for their warmth.

Dinner tonight? Mostly likely a combination of leftovers – baked beans, roasted potatoes, bean soup. haha.

And then, back to work tomorrow. Hopefully nothing nuts happened over the weekend. I bet my patient with megacolon is still there. Which means I still have to figure out what that is and what I’m supposed to do for it as a dietitian! haha

Have a great night! Oh, and Brothers and Sisters is on! Now that I’m DVR-equipped, I won’t have to stay up until 11pm if I don’t want to. Awesome… :)

Robot Love

Went to see Wall-E today, probably the first movie I’ve seen since January (Bucket List).  It was an adorable movie, well done Pixar! There was a surprisingly diverse audience: the usual families with kids, but also a good chunk of adults and older adults. Not so many twenty-somethings such as myself, but I don’t really represent normal living for a 22 year old :)

Anyway, I thought the movie was really well done. Aside from the graphics/animation/computer stuff I know little about, I’m glad to see a movie with an environmental take-home message. Hopefully it’ll get some kids thinking (and better yet their parents too!) about living a greener and less-wasteful life. The whole idea of us completely trashing Earth and running off to some other land seems crazy on the movie, but is it really? In fact, you can see this exact phenomenon in my house. It’s called my sister. When I went to college, she found that instead of cleaning her bedroom and bathroom, she could just move into and trash mine. Every once in a while we get her to ‘recolonize’ her own room, but it usually doesn’t last.

But, I digress. Back to Wall-E. I also found it humorous that the human species had evolved into a herd of weebles essentially – large blobs that talk to those around them via wireless devices, consume excessive liquid calories, transport themselves around without using their own feet, and are completely oblivious to the world around them. Gee, that actually sounds like many Americans today. It’s kind of scary to see that this movie isn’t actually that far-fetched at all. I hope it really is a wake up call to people to be more responsible for their actions and take care of the planet.

After the movie, I went shopping, bought some scarves at Gap (they’re having a wonderful end-of-season sale) and decided to save plastic and not get a bag. The cashier looked at me a little funny, and I’ll admit that I felt like a thief shoving merchandise into my purse on my way out. But I really did buy them, I even have my receipt! And… I got my real Barnes&Noble order in the mail yesterday with “The Green Book” so I can learn lots of easy things to do to help the environment. Stay tuned to hear more exciting ideas from Miss Green over here, even if my family thinks I’m nuts :)

In other news, tomorrow is of course the 4th of July. We don’t have any big exciting plans here. My sister is on-call for work, so that could blow any plans for a cook-out. I still haven’t even finalized a menu (bad bad!), but know we’ll be having tiramisu (random, yes, but delicious). I should get on that. The Houston Symphony has their free Americana patriotic concert tomorrow night, which we go to every year. Although this year it will be conflicting with the swimming olympic trials… good thing I remembered. I should set it to record.