40s have never felt so good

It felt like a heat wave today: sunny, blue skies and low 40s on the thermometer. Wonderful!

I didn’t have a very busy day today, so I was able to get home and take Sheff for a nice walk in town. I got to use my Garmin Forerunner (it doesn’t get used much with all my gym workouts) and track our speed. Cool!


I also took a few minutes tonight to make a donation to the Haiti Earthquake disaster relief. If you’re wondering where to send your money – here is a nice list of charities/agencies that are accepting money, and a summary of their work in Haiti. I chose to donate to Friends of the World Food Program, being the foodie that I am. I know that most Haitians struggle to get by on a normal day, so I cannot imagine what’s facing them now. But if my small donation can get a few meals to a family, then that’s something.

Not too much exciting news to report. Laundry night tonight. Oh, and catching up on this week’s House episode. Now that I finally have DVR, I don’t have to plan my TV shows into my schedule, so I can watch them whenever I please! Lovely.

Dinners this week have been boring, and I even resorted to a frozen pizza last night. It was a Freschetta Brick Oven Spinach and Mushroom pizza, which was fairly good, except for the intensely strong pieces of whole garlic that covered the surface. Good thing I ate it alone!!

Later gators!


6 days until the half marathon!

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long! I’ve had a lot going on.


  1. Had a great time in Austin, Texas, visiting my sister for Easter. I think I could definitely live in Austin – it’s a fun city, with a similar feeling to Nashville, except much more Vegetarian food! haha. Jenna and I definitely ate our way through the city during Easter weekend. I had falafel, cupcakes, tacos, chocolate orange pancakes, veggie burgers, fantastic tofu, half-pound cups of frozen yogurt, and a picnic of yummy foods. I also got to know the Austin bus system pretty well – $1.50 day passes were a lifesaver :)stp821751
  2. I have the half-marathon coming up this Saturday. I’m super excited about it and hopefully will be able to blog about my success this time next week. Granted my training this season hasn’t been nearly as intense as last year, but I feel ready for it. I’m not quite as excited about the weather forecast for Saturday (sunny and 80s). Last year it was overcast and 40s, which I have to admit is better for a half-marathon, but whatever.
  3. I have started to venture into the world of couponing, as an attempt to cut my grocery costs (which seem to be the main source of my expenses, other than rent and bills). Luckily I have found a wealth of information out there. Wonderful blogs like Frugal in Franklin, Strecthing a Buck, and Bargain Briana have taught me a lot, as well as coupon sites like Cellfire, RedPlum, Smart Source. Hopefully I’ll be able to start seeing some savings in the near future!
  4. I’m also going to start the infamous “30 Day Shred” Challenge next Monday (after recovering from the half-marathon). It’s a 20 minute daily workout from the all-intense Jillian Michaels of Biggest Loser fame. Since I’m poor and can’t afford to buy the workout video (see #3 above), I was happy to see that there are clips of the workout tape on Youtube, and if I piece them all together, I can do the complete workout from my laptop for free! So anyway… I’ll let you all know how it goes. 2 of my fellow interns, as well as my best friend from college, are going to join me in the 30 day challenge, so I know I’ll have great support!