Someone has a job!

Big news readers!! I finally got a job!

On the 1 year anniversary of the economy collapsing, and the 3 month anniversary of my internship graduation, I finally heard those words “we’d like to offer you the position”.

I will be working at the psychiatric hospital that I interviewed at last week, as the only dietitian (excuse me, lead clinical dietitian!) in the facility, which will be nice and give me the flexibility to do things my way. I spent the morning yesterday working with their current RD to see exactly what she does and how she does it.

It’ll definitely be a learning curve, since I’ve never done much work in the mental health area before, but I think I’ll enjoy it. And I’m looking at it as my first job, not my entire career, which takes pressure off of the situation.

AND… I start monday!! Ack!! So much to do in these last few days of unemployement….. get a TN drivers license, open another checking account (how can there NOT be a Bank of America near me!?), buy work clothes, etc. So long to the days of me sitting idly, sleeping late and cooking/baking all day. Darn. I also have to start learning about insurance and retirement plans, vacation days and fun grown-up stuff like that.

But how nice will it be to have a paycheck!? And not have to pay rent?! Yes, I’ll be staying at the farm. Sheff, my beloved 9 year old collie/shepherd/retriver mix will be keeping me company. So, from now on you’ll be able to read about me living on the farm, working at a psych hospital and all the adventures in between.

PS. We think we might be able to get high-speed internet through the satellite dish…. :)


Happy Monday!

Good Monday Morning everyone!

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. I spent a good chunk of yesterday making mass quantities of homemade tomato sauce. During our visit to North Carolina, we were given a basket filled with cornfield beans and 42 tomatoes! Once I get my camera and laptop up and running I’ll have to post the pictures from the sauce-making adventure. It was quite a day!

Some things to be excited about:

  • The Boy got his baby this weekend – the Nissan 370Z, known affectionately as “Zed”. He has promised me a visit this weekend, so I’ll get to meet the new vehicle. I’m scared the farm roads are not going to get along with this 2-seater sportscar :( but he seems pretty eager to get back to pigeon forge and go go-karting. Although…. is the Z not just a big real-world go-kart!? hahaha
  • All the TV shows are coming back in the next few weeks! Tonight is the first episode of the Jay Leno Show. Super excited about that one. Although… now that means I have to stay up past 10pm. Darn.
  • The Office returns this Thursday :)
  • I’ve been invited back to the psych hospital to meet and shadow their current RD. Looks promising!

OK, off to deal with fighting dogs and overflowing trash. I’ll be back later (hopefully!)

The search for a paycheck continues…

Greetings readers!

Is anyone else excited that today is 09-09-09!? How fun! I feel like I should do something special in its honor. Perhaps a cupcake is in order :)

I had a very interesting interview yesterday at a nearby psychiatric hospital. Definitely not a place I’d ever have thought I might work in – police patrolling the area, all doors are locked, I had to turn in my cell phone at the front desk, etc. But the staff all seemed so nice, and the job would be an interesting opportunity. No medically complicated patients, no tube feeding calculations to do.. it seems like it would be mostly diet educations (weight management, disordered eating, diabetes, cardiac.. etc). The pay and benefits also seem good, so we’ll see. I’m hoping to go back and spend a few hours with their current dietitian and just see exactly how she works/counsels the patients, to try and envision myself in her shoes! She’s leaving for another job in a few weeks, so they want someone to start fairly soon. Who knows, I could be the next psych dietitian! hahaha

In other job-related news, I went to the local school district office this morning for a substitute teacher orientation. Figured that would be a simple way to make some money while I job-search, without having to commit to any kind of schedule. I was surprised by several things: the poor pay ($55 per day without a college degree, $60 with) and the poor grammar from the school district officials! They kept saying “people does ___, and that’s not good respect” or other incorrect singular/plural mix-ups. They also had to give us a verbal demonstration of “what cuss words are” because apparently previous east tennessean subs were not on the same page in this area. Oh goodness….

So… if I don’t get a job in the next week or so (likely) then I’ll go put down the $48 to get my fingerprinting and background check done and start subbing!

This afternoon I have yet another job interview – funny thing is I don’t even know what the job is for. haha. A dietitian called me up the other week with some opportunities she has in the area. I think they’re going to be mostly long-term care positions. No offense, but I really don’t want to work with the elderly. Nursing homes are the most depressing places ever (well, maybe tied with dialysis clinics. Renal is the other area I refuse to work in). But, at this point I’m not saying no to any opportunity that comes my way without knowing all that’s involved, so we’ll go talk to her. I figure it’s always good interview experience if nothing else!

Haven’t been posting too much about the latest good eating around here. I’ve been on a bit of a fried egg kick lately. So good, especially on the leftover naan bread I brought back from Whole Foods. yum! Last night we had a delicious pasta dish with roasted butternut squash – a perfect meal to welcome the beginning of fall! I believe tonight is some sort of mexican casserole. I’ll keep you posted :)

Why yes, I am ‘funemployed’

Happy Labor Day readers!

I read an interesting article from today’s Tennessean, about the small group of unemployed 20 and 30-somethings who are taking their time off to have fun – travel, visit old friends and relatives, volunteer, take classes… basically things they wanted to do but didn’t have the time while they were working. They call themselves the funemployed. Haha, I love the name!

Maybe I’m funemployed!? I’ve been able to relax around the farm, take some fun road trips, get my certificate in adult weight management, see friends, etc. Oh, and I didn’t mention that I’m thinking about registering for FNCE next month in Denver! This is ADA’s big annual meeting – the Food Nutrition Conference & Expo. It’s 3 days of great classes, lectures, and of course the expo – which lets you fill your bags full of new food products, nutrition materials, free books, and enough food samples to fill your belly the entire 3 days! I’m so excited. A few of my friends from the internship are going (because their employer pays) but I figured I have the money in savings to go, and if I’m not doing anything better, why not? Plus, I’ve never visited Denver before, so it should be fun!

On to other ‘fun news’… the US open! Has anyone been watching it?! I’ve been limited in my ability, without ESPN here on the farm, but I’m so proud of fellow UGA alum John Isner! Beating Roddick!? Wow! Way to go!! He’s up against 10th seeded Verdasco later today… hopefully NBC shows it so I can watch. I love me some tennis! If I was really funemployed I’d be there myself… but alas I’m not. Maybe next year? :)

Back in Maryville

Yes, I made it back safe and sound to Tennessee after a whirlwind of a trip to North Carolina.

Monday: Made it to Charlotte by lunch time, after sitting on the side of a mountain for an hour while Asheville police cleared an accident (a tractor trailer….. excuse me, transfer truck flipped over taking one of the mountainous turns a little too fast). It was so good to see my partner in crime, K, again! She’s happily living in Charlotte now, post-internship, and is working at a few nearby restaurants until the perfect RD job finds her.

We had lunch at Zada Janes – oh my goodness, fabulous place! Highly recommended! I couldn’t decide what to have (give me a menu that has more than 2 vegetarian choices and I don’t know what to do with myself!!) and eventually settled for the breakfast salad – salad greens topped with an egg, baked tofu, roast potatoes, and a biscuit, with sundried tomato vinaigrette. Wonderfully filling and deelish :)

Next up was Amelie’s French Bakery – an amazingly little cute place that never closes! Yes, they’re open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! K and I both had a chocolate eclair, which of course was wonderful. The place looked like a perfect place to sit and read a book, meet a friend over coffee, or study. Must return someday….

The afternoon and evening was filled with various adventures, including a trip to Goodwill (found me a pair of GAP pants for $3!), Pier One, Brixx for dinner, and of course some gelato to round off the evening, haha :)

Tuesday: left K and Charlotte in the morning to drive up to Winston-Salem for my interview. It was a very long interview, almost 4 hours by the time I finished with the HR recruiter and left, but it went well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered me the job, but I really don’t think it’s for me. Also, I tried to drive around the city before heading back to Tennessee, but was really disappointed. I hope I just was in the wrong parts of town, but all I could see was run down areas and a very industrial looking downtown. Anyone know anything good about Winston-Salem? None of the clinical staff I met with during the interview actually lived in the city, so they couldn’t say much. Anyway, I think I’ll just keep on looking. I applied for some new jobs today, one as a school nutrition director back in Texas, and another with a surgery clinic in Atlanta. So we’ll see what happens.

Also took our crazy mini lab for a 4 mile walk today along the greenway. A very successful way to run her out of energy! Me too, probably. haha.

Better drive back to the farm for dinner. I believe a spinach and mushroom quiche is on the menu for tonight. yum!

One more road trip, coming right up!

Although I whine and freak out about being unemployed with no prospects for an entire 2 months since graduation… I have to admit, it has been nice to have time off, go on trips and see new people and places. Let’s recap the summer’s trips thus far:

Right after graduation was a quick trip up to Minnesota with my parents and sister, to visit extended family and help celebrate my cousin’s high school graduation. Way to go Emily! Expect to see her name on some high-priced photography in a couple of years :)

The boyfriend and I took a fun weekend day trip to Northern Alabama and Chattanooga. We stopped and gawked around at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama, and then had fun exploring Chattanooga, visiting the amazing Tennessee Aquarium (my favorite), and then going down into caves to see Ruby Falls (his favorite). But what I’ll also remember about the drive is that we stopped at a Sonic on the way back, to quench our thirst, and that is where I first fell in love with the mocha java chiller. Yes friends, it may be 500 calories, but it’s all goodness and leaves you full enough that you don’t even need dinner! Haha – is a dietitian really advocating skipping a meal in favor of a coffee-flavored milkshake? Well… just this once ;o

Next up: Anderson, South Carolina with K + E, for Elena’s job interview. We had fun stopping at Ikea in Atlanta on the way… as well as several inside jokes and stories that occurred along the trip. But we all made it back safely, and Elena did indeed get a job offer!
Last week, as I have already mentioned, was the trip up to Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio with the boyfriend. A trip of concerts, family meetings, and car shopping. OH, and he let me take a detour to stop in Elizabethtown, KY! I have had a slight obsession with having my photo taken in this town for the entire past year. And, if it wasn’t for dial up internet, I would post it here for you to see.

“So, what’s up next?”, you may ask. Well… I had been planning a trip over to Charlotte, NC to visit my good friend / former fellow intern and explore the city sometime next week. And then, I got an email this morning at 7am from a clinical nutrition manager responding to a job application I put in last night! I know – crazy right!? How many jobs have I applied to online, without ever hearing anything and then this one responds to me within 12 hours!? So anyway, it’s a big hospital up in Winston-Salem, and they’re looking for a nutrition support dietitian. We talked on the phone this afternoon and she’d love for me to come up and interview while I’m visiting Kathy in Charlotte next week. So yay! 1 road trip, 2 cities, a visit with a friend, and a possible job!

Please excuse the ranting…

This afternoon has not been very good so far…

After all my phone calls and emails, I finally heard back from the job that I so desperately wanted (and foolishly thought was perfect). A simple email to the effect of “thank you for the email. the position has been filled.” lovely. Thank you so much. I really loved interviewing with you 11 days ago and never hearing a word back, despite your promise to keep me updated on the progress. Ugh. Thankfully, my friend and fellow unemployed dietitian called me a little while ago and we vented together about how frustrating this job search is in this horrible economy.

And not only that… but then I turn on Oprah (which I never watch, but today’s episode was on childhood/teen obesity, so of course I left it on). Big mistake. Should’ve just turned it off. Because I ended up yelling at the TV the entire hour. Can someone please tell me why someone as influential as Oprah Winfrey does not have the sense to bring on a Registered Dietitian to give nutrition advice?!? No, let’s bring Dr. Oz and David Zinczenko (author of the annoyingly famous Eat This Not That series). Because obviously, a surgeon and magazine editor know so much more about nutrition, and what these kids need to be eating than an RD might. Ugh. Seriously, I want to write a letter to Oprah and ask her what she was thinking. I mean, really, how are we RDs ever going to be given credit for what we do/know, when everyone gets their nutrition advice from (almost anyone) else?!

OK, that’s all the venting I’m going to put you through today. Looks like it’ll be back to square one for me on the job search. I’ve applied to 2 today (and already been rejected by 1…) and found another promising one to look into tomorrow (will require an eloquently written cover letter).

Oh I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

But a look to the brighter side: making yummy ranch potatoes for dinner tonight, to go along with my Gardenburger Chicken Patty, and some zucchini (haven’t figured out method of preparation on that one yet).