1-1-11 is here

Welcome 2011!

I hope you all had a fun and safe new year’s eve. The Boy drove over from Nashville and we cooked a nice dinner and watched the TV celebrations.

DSCN1168 We attempted to use my newly thrifted Cuisinart Ice Cream maker for a special desert, but to no avail. The bowl has been in the freezer since before I left for Texas (= over a week) and it still wasn’t completely frozen! Not even sure how that is possible. Time to research…..

Woke up refreshed and ready for 2011. Unfortunately, the weather has been bad all day. Rainy and windy.


Check out the living room. Notice anything unusual?



Yes, Sheff spent most of the morning hiding under the table. The wind was pretty fierce. 1/2 a sedative later, he eventually calmed down.

So, how did we spend the first day of the new year?

  • Went to see this movie, which was very good (even if we were the youngest audience members by several decades)


  • Took down the Christmas decorations. The mantel is so bare now, and with no seasonal decorations to get out, I’m visualizing a Pyrex-themed mantel. yessss!
  • Started research on opening an etsy shop to sell some of the vintage and thrifted pieces that I buy, only to realize I’ll never use. Sometimes the prices are too good to pass up! Like this adorable vintage 1960s book on friendship I picked up yesterday for less than $1.


  • Exchanged gifts with The Boy. Remember my Pyrex Collector’s Guide that I was so excited to spoil myself with? Well…. let’s say it will be going back to Amazon, and that a certain someone is improving in the gift-selecting area of boyfriend-ness. :)

Have a great January everyone! I did indeed make a list of 2011 goals, as well as a list of January projects, all of which are color coded and documented in the Journal J.


Breakfast at Wimbledon

Yup, today is the Men’s Singles final at Wimbledon. Probably one of my favorite mornings every year. What better way than to wake up, turn on the TV, and see your husband smiling at you? Well … let me take that back. He won’t be smiling until he wins. He always plays with his mean “don’t-mess-with-me” face … I wish he’d smile more!

So anyway, it’s Roddick vs Federer. I still can’t believe Roddick made it this far. I don’t think he can, either. Unforuntately, he has a tendency to completely psych himself out and fold anytime he’s up against Roger, so we’ll see how this thing turns out. So far, they’re both playing well, holding serve, but I think Rog is about to break.

Our 4th of July ended up different as planned, but fun. The food was delicious, and the boy now knows how to marinate and cook chicken, and was introduced into the world of sweet potato fries :)

After lunch, he caught on to backgammon rather quickly and actually beat me in our best-of-3 tournament. How dare he!? haha. After taking a nap (while he watched Star Wars and listened to classic rock … although not simultaneously) we went out to Sonic, for our favorite drinks (me = Mocha Java Chiller… him = strawberry cream slush…. both delish) and downtown for the fireworks. We drove downtown to see how crazy things were (very) and realized we weren’t really prepared – no cash for parking, no umbrella or lawn chairs. So we headed back – and BAM, fireworks start – one hour early!! He was totally miffed that he was missing them, while I turned around and watched out the back of the car. By the time we made it back to my place, it was storming really hard – wind blowing everywhere and possible hail in the mix. So… instead we snuggled to watch the fireworks and concerts from New York and Boston. haha. Not bad.

Woah woah – Roddick now has set point!? Come on Rog!! Do something! Dang it, he won. Oh well, he needs that to keep his confidence up. Now at least he’ll continue to play well. If Federer crushed him in the first, I’m afraid Andy would just cave.

So anyway, I’ll keep you posted. I’ll be sitting here, studying some food science for the RD exam. By the way – did I tell you that I have made it through all the paperwork and am able to take the registration exam whenever I want now!? Scary… now i just have to get through all this studying. :)