The craze of low-calorie circle bread!

Last year during our internship, a few of us fell in love with Arnold’s Sandwich Thins. They were great for sandwiches and the like, and sometimes we’d bring them to the hospital cafeteria to make our own lower-calorie sandwich. Even for a bread-lover like me, there are times when you wish you weren’t spending so many calories on the bread, and could feel better about splurging on the sandwich’s contents. And so… basically bread with the guts taken out:


I guess they must be a big hit because lately I’ve been seeing that almost every other bread brand has come out with their own! I most recently tried Earthgrains Whole Wheat Thin Buns as part of my latest breakfast obsession: egg and cheese sandwich. I buy the slices of provolone cheese at Kroger (which conveniently are the exact same size as the thin bun), toast it up and add a fried egg in the middle. Excellent low fat, whole-grain, high-protein breakfast!!

imageI couldn’t really tell a difference between the Arnold and the Earth Grains products – both tasted equally wonderful, with comparable nutrition facts.

Then, last Sunday’s paper had a coupon for the Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats. I set off to Kroger to try them out, but found that every other brand of circle bread was on sale, except for Pepperidge Farm, so the coupon will be saved for another time.

imageIt is somewhat hysterical to me how all the bread companies are making these exact products. I figured they’re all interchangeable, so I went with the cheapest one on the store’s shelves: Nature’s Own Sandwich Rounds (also 100% whole wheat, of course)

image The only 2 benefits of the Nature’s Own variety is that it’s cheaper than the others, and it has the zip lock/ resealable packaging. However, when I used it for my breakfast sandwich yesterday, I found the bread to be so much thinner than the other brands – almost like a cracker! So, I won’t be buying these again.

OK, so to summarize: for all you low-calorie, whole-wheat, round sandwich bread lovers, here’s the round-up

  • Arnold’s Sandwich Thins
  • Earth Grains Thin Buns
  • Pepperidge Farms Deli Flats
  • Nature’s Own Sandwich Rounds

They’re all pretty much the same nutritional stats: 100 calories, 1g fat, 5g fiber, 5g protein, 100% whole-wheat. They all seem to cost between $2-3 per pack, which isn’t bad to make 8 sandwiches out of! 

So far I still need to try out the Pepperidge Farms brand.. especially with my lovely coupon, but I’m still partial to the Arnolds and Earth Grains brand. Except for the fact that Earth Grains, who is trying to be all enviro-friendly with their new “Eco-Grain” products, uses a plastic tray inside a plastic bag, which just seems like excess and wasteful packaging!

Eat on, circle bread lovers!


Aldi, Kroger, Harris Teeter, oh my!

So, in my 3 days of being up in Nashville, I feel like I have experienced more grocery stores than many of the residents of this city! I love having so many options of places to go. The Harris Teeter in Hillsboro Village has turned out to be the quickest grocery store. This was proved true tonight when I started to cook my dinner at 7:45 and realized that I didn’t have soy sauce. Project Runway was coming on at 8, I don’t have DVR anymore to pause the TV or record the show, and my tofu had already been drained and pressed, so it was go time! Turns out that I can drive to Harris Teeter in 4 minutes, get in and out in 2 minutes, and back in time to catch most of the show. Nicely done Matrix!

I also went to Aldi and Kroger today to complete the triad of grocery stores for one day. It was my first experience in an Aldi store. The shopping carts that required quarters to use brought back memories from early childhood – perhaps a store in New Orleans had these too? I don’t remember. But I do like the bargains at this place. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find everything on my list, so I headed to Kroger, the old standby choice for food. I still have yet to go to Whole Foods although K’s parents gave me a $100 gift card, which I am sooo excited about using!! And I believe a Publix and Trader Joes will be coming this fall. Sort of related: I met another resident in the building this morning while doing laundry, a nice woman who moved here from California 12 years ago and currently works in the Whole Foods bakery. She gave us lots of tips on places to go and see in the city. Helpful advice is always appreciated! I’m just secretly hoping that she can get me rejects or leftovers from WF’s bakery, oh that would be lovely :)

In other news, the heat is still extreme here. There is no AC vent anywhere near our kitchen, so the only way to keep air moving is to use the violent ceiling fan that attacks open cabinet doors. I was in the kitchen tonight making my favorite Athens recipe (The Grit‘s “Golden Bowl”), as well as a new recipe for Chocolate Maple Banana Bread, while still trying to watch Project Runway, and boy does that tiny kitchen heat up! Time for a cool-down now.