Snowy and Icy :(

After having yesterday’s heat wave of finally reaching 32 degrees, today was the second blast of artic-ness. The flurries started just after lunch, and by the time I left work the back roads were already a little iced over. Crap!

I made it home safely and am staying put all night. Looks like the front has finished passing through about now, so I don’t think we’ll get anymore than the inch or two that we got, but I’ll admit that I am worried about the roads tomorrow. Icy roads do not sound fun to me!

My plan?

  • Sleep in tomorrow until 7
  • Check the news and weather, and see what things look like outside
  • Enjoy my morning, taking my time to make some delicious oatmeal with an overripe banana
  • Check in with the hospital before I head out, to make sure the road is OK. If not? Guess I’m staying here! That’s the nice thing about being the RD…. I think the patients can manage for a day without having me come around and talk about nutrition.


Tonight is the national championship for college football, of course. Hook’em Horns! Sheff and I are cuddling up on the couch to watch this one. It’ll be a late night… good thing I don’t have to get up early in the morning!


Post Thanksgiving Message

Happy Black Sunday!


That’s our lovely table set for Thanksgiving meal. Good food had by all 10 of us at the farm!

  • Turkey – I will say that we wanted and attempted to purchase a locally raised turkey… but the $90 turkey breast we came across was a little out of our league :(
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • My “Gourmet Potatoes” – (aka mashed potatoes with sour cream, butter and cheese… always a hit!)
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Mass quantities of Sister Schubert’s yeast rolls
  • Green Beans
  • Stuffing – I tried a fun new recipe from food network with apple, cranberries and sausage…. excuse me… soysage :)
  • Jell-o salad
  • For dessert: my wonder pumpkin cheesecake and my sister’s spice cake

Yum yum yum!

Black Friday shopping?? Not as successful. I didn’t get up at 5am as planned…. ended up leaving the house with my dad at 7am, only to be called back home to help my uncle who’s car was stuck in the mud! They were on their way back to Florida, and pulled off the driveway to check for something… little did they know about our quicksand-like driveway! I called AAA, but my dad and uncle (2 engineer brothers) were able to pull it out with a rope and toyota engine. haha.

So… got to Target (who had by far the best deals) at 8:30am, only to see that everything was gone. Darn.

Lesson learned? Now that it’s a 2 day sale – go back the second day, the shelves are re-stocked and the crowds are gone!

I picked up some cheap DVDs, and got a new camera!! Christmas present :)

A great bargain at $88! I’ve been wanting a nice small camera that’s easier to tote around than my current one. I don’t think this new camera will take better pictures, but now I’ll have both to choose from :)

Yesterday was a fun day – lunch in Market Square, and a Lady Vols game against UCLA. We just squeaked by. How I miss the amazing Lady Vols team from a few years ago!

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching football games:

  • FSU vs Florida – my cousin here goes to FSU, and the rest of us hate Florida
  • Tennessee vs Kentucky – obviously cheering for the vols
  • Georgia vs GA Tech – so excited that we won. I think Russ (the interim bulldog) must be good luck!
  • Arkansas vs LSU – the house was divided on this one, but LSU managed to pull out a win

Today…. cleaning up, The Blind Side, and hopefully getting a Christmas Tree up!

Friday at the Maxx

Yay for the weekend! I got to move into my new office at the hospital, which was exciting. I still have to get my office phone and printer set up, but so far it’s nice to have an office that’s not in the kitchen, next to the hot and steamy dishroom.

I spent part of the day writing a letter of recommendation for one of my college professors. It wasn’t even a professor I remember very well – he called me out of the blue earlier in the week, asking for a letter of support for a teaching award he’s been nominated for.  It was hard! Now I know how all those professors feel when they’re bombarded by students asking for letters, especially when they don’t know them well.

On my way home from work, after dropping off the letter for FedEx Overnight ($17!!!) I stopped by TJMaxx. Did I mention that today was payday??? haha. But seriously, I’ve been a little worried about this weekend’s cold forecast (mostly in the 40s and snow expected up on the mountains) and the fact that my winter clothes are still in Texas. And so… I found a nice fleece jacket for $16. But what else? A pair of cupcake flannel pajamas for $12!!! I couldn’t resist them, so I snatched them up. And I also bought some adorable little birdie notecards, for all those moments when you want to send a note to a friend. The cashier said “Looks like someone will be staying warm this weekend!”. That’s certainly my plan!

We have some guests this weekend – my mom’s cousin and his wife are here for their fall getaway to the mountains. The dogs are already showing off all their bad behavior.

Tomorrow is Georgia vs Vanderbilt in Nashville. Wish I could be there for the game. The Boy and I could go as alum, and cheer against one another! Anyway, the dawgs better win this one or we’ll all be seriously sad.

Adios and happy weekend everyone!

Homecoming: as an alum

It’s sunday morning, and I’m visiting my best friend and college roommate for the weekend. The 5 hour drive down from Nashville wasn’t that bad … Atlanta traffic is still is scary as always though. I swear I thought I was going to witness several deaths on 285; those people just don’t know anything about defensive driving. I should take them all to Paris and see how it works there… maybe that would teach them something.

College football yesterday: homecoming game against Vanderbilt. Of course, I couldn’t start cheering for Vandy this soon, that would seem traitorous, although I did have a few text messages from people wanting to make sure I was still loyal to the alma mater. Homecoming is always my favorite game of the year, because the old cheerleader alumni (>60 years old) are so much more fun than the young cheerleaders, and there’s just this feeling of community in the stadium. I did happen to bump into a few of my former classmates and catch up. And yes, it did feel weird to be back on campus, and walking into that stadium…. as an alum. The last time I was in stanford stadium, I was in a cap and gown, with mixed emotions and sweat running down my back. 

So today’s goal is to scout out some good Athens brunch before I hit the road again. There are so many good brunch places in this town … it makes me happy and hungry just to think about it. And then back to 4 hours on the road. Good thing is that this drive won’t be in the dark. Bad thing is that I’m not looking forward to the 8 miles of 6% grade uphill on I-24 past Chattanooga… poor Matrix doesn’t handle that sort of thing very well. It’s always said when you notice 18-wheelers passing you uphill :(