Sunday Funday

Have I already used this title before? Seems possible. I have trouble naming my posts….

The dogs and I have had a pretty good weekend here at the farm. Yesterday was primarily consumed having my car detailed. I spent almost 4 hours sitting inside the shop, watching Cartoon network with a 9 year old (who also made me an origami swan while I tried to beat my boss at Hanging with Friends). As much fun as I had waiting, the true fun was seeing the inside of my car!

I’ve had Matrix now for 6 years, driven over 90,000 miles, and have never seen it so clean and shiny inside! Truly amazing. NO more snow globe of dog hair, that’s for sure. Highly recommend Karworkz in Knoxville, if you’re in need of  detailing.

I also hit up some thrift stores and an estate sale, to pick up more vintage linens (some are listed in my shop!) and random odds and ends for the new apartment. pillowcases

The $8 table had a little work done today. A trip to Home Depot today left me with sandpaper and wood filler, and the hardware has been removed and holes filled. Next up – sanding and painting!

Baked some muffins today from this delicious cookbook:


Only I used cow’s milk, so there went the vegan baking. Whoops!

In other random news – the tick situation is getting out of control here. I had to remove one from Sheff’s eyelid this morning! Ack! And so, Frontline has been applied to both my furballs tonight, which should hopefully help the situation.

DSCN1393ewww – do I see a tick?? 

For those following the 52 lists, 52 weeks project, here is my list for Week 2.  The prompt was: what have you learned from another country/state/culture.


Lastly, I think my first vegetable will be harvested from the garden tomorrow. It is a zucchini, the first of many, I am sure. Bring on the zucchini muffins, cookies, casseroles, pizzas, crab cakes, etc. Unfortunately, I am 6 days later than last year for my first vegetable. And how do I know this? Because I am Sheldon-Cooper-OCD and keep detailed harvest logs/spreadsheets. Don’t you??



And Friday rolls around again

… the weeks seem to be flying by!

Some highlights of this week:

  • Homemade ice cream – I lugged my thrifted CuisinArt ice cream maker to work. My new-year’s eve attempt at homemade ice cream may have failed, but it turns out that the hospital’s walk-in freezer is much colder than my garage freezer, and the machine worked like a charm. Homemade vanilla ice cream was very much enjoyed by my staff, and it was unanimously agreed that this purchase was $8 well spent! (However… who knew that heavy cream was over $5 a quart? Homemade ice cream is not cheap!)


  • I still exercise – I’ve been on a bit of a hater phase with my gym lately. I don’t think I’ve been in the past month. The Westin in Chicago had a very nice hotel gym, which I did utilize while I was travelling, but I realize that my membership fees are going doing the toilet regardless of whether I go or not. Since I hate losing money… I forced myself back in to the gym this week. Kept telling myself “just 20 minutes… you can do 20 minutes”. Turns out, once I was on the treadmill at my half-marathon pace and a fast-paced song on my iPod shuffle, I was quite enjoying myself, and walked for a nice 33 minutes. Not bad! Makes me want to go back and walk some more. I do miss my days of half-marathon training, and look forward to living in a neighborhood again that makes that more doable.
  • I found (more) pyrex! This lovely piece was discovered at a thrift store, hidden under a salad spinner. It’s another Butterfly Gold pattern, in mint condition, along with the patterned lid! Lovely. I also picked up a set of matching juice glasses at the flea market last weekend, as well as 50% of a butter dish.
  • DSCN1427
  • Ticks are here. Not necessarily something to celebrate, but it seems as though tick season has begun. Harley had the first tick of 2011, found inside his ear (gross), and my mom found the second tick of 2011, crawling on her back in bed. Gross. Since then, we have reclaimed the couch as dog-free, which is confusing the poor canines. Mostly Harley, since he seeks refuge on the couch from Sheff (FYI: in his old-age jealousy, Sheff has attacked Harley several times, and Harley is now petrified of him). We also loaded up on Frontline from the vet’s office this week.
  • Winter returned. Not really. I’m so glad that we’re not seeing snow this week, like other parts of the country are. However, the warm 70s and 80s (!) are gone, replaced by boring 50 degree weather and rain for the next few days. Boo. Just as I had packed up the winter clothes, electric blanket, and dry-cleaned the winter coats. Not that I need winter coats for 50 degree weather, but you know…

Tomato massacre. My tomato seedlings, planted 6 weeks ago or so, were tragically murdered by Mother Nature earlier this week. A store-bought greenhouse kit was the culprit, trapping in excessive sun, heat, and humidity, that, evidently, the seedlings couldn’t take. Life as a farmer is rough. And so, we’re turning to plants for tomatoes again this year. But never fear, I will still grow an heirloom variety, just trying to choose one. Thoughts?


last summer’s beauties

Happy St Pats!

The weather finally turned into spring today. It’s been absolutely beautiful – over 70 degrees, and staying up there for the next 10 days!! How exciting!

The trees are in bloom, the grass is green, the sun stays out later, and my allergies haven’t started yet. All is good in the world.


What could be better?

Having a lucky day thrifting, and coming home with some new pyrex and federal glassware.

Haven’t photographed them yet, but some of the pieces may end up in my etsy store to generate some grad-school money.

DSCN1383 here is a preview – very retro/geometric!

In other news:

Harley is very excited to let you know that he graduated from obedience class last night and passed the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test! He’ll now have official paperwork and a certificate letting everyone know how well-mannered he his! This might also help if he decides to go into therapy-dog work in the future…


yay Harley!!

(Annie, who still acts like a caffeinated speedster and can’t hold still for more than a nanosecond, decided to skip the test and just enjoy the pizza party)


March is also National Nutrition Month. Being the RD that I am, I hope to write a few posts about some important nutrition topics, and changes I am making to my own diet, after being educated at the annual SCAN Symposium in Chicago last week.

DSCN1370this was taken at Navy Pier. and no, this is not my dietary advice 

Meet Harley

Although I was sad to say goodbye to my family guests this weekend, Sheff and I are left with a new friend. Meet Harley:


He was found last week in our street as my mom was driving by. We originally thought he’d been shot with a pellet gun on his leg and in the face, but after a thorough visit at the vet, it seems more likely to have been a car accident. His lungs were badly bruised, and he was in terrible shape the first night we had him. My mom had to feed him soup from a turkey baster to get any calories in him, and we had to carry him in a towel because he could hardly get up.

After 3 days recovering at the vet’s office, he’s doing so much better now. He’s up and about, although he needs to stay quiet for another week to let his injuries heal properly. Unfortunately, he’s also heartworm positive, so we’ll have to start treating that in the future.


I’m hoping we can find a local rescue who will take him under their care, since I wasn’t planning on taking in another foster so soon. offers classified ad services, so I’ll likely put up a post about him there. I’m not sure what his history is – we’re thinking he’s a 3-5 year old lab mix, 45ish pounds. His teeth are very worn down, which leads us to suspect he was at one point an outside dog, chained/tied up. He seems to enjoy the inside life though, and has never once barked or whined. What a cutie.

A beautiful fall weekend!

Exhibit A: New pyrex fall display, complete with pinecones and homegrown pumpkins:


Exhibit B: Dogs sunning themselves in awesome 70 degree weather:

DSCN0925  We had to say goodbye to Harmo today, sniff sniff. She is now making her way to a lovely 50 acre farm near Ithaca, New York. We’ll miss you all, Harmo! (Sheff already misses her and is showing it by howling at the banana bread on the counter. The saddest sounds I’ve ever heard him produce, it’s killing me!)

Exhibit C: A trip through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park today to take in the peak fall colors!



DSCN0945 We drove all the way through, from Tennessee to North Carolina.


And a vegetarian feast with friends to carve pumpkins:

Corey’s, on the right, is “Steven P. Cyclops” and mine is Skully, on the left.


Hope everyone else has had a great weekend! Time for me to get in bed!

A new cover

One of the difficulties perks of having such furry dogs is having a furry car. I swear, if I roll down my car windows to enjoy the fall weather, my car turns into a snow globe on wheels – except that it’s dog hair flying around instead of snow .

My christmas 2009 wish list included “car seat cover”, and Santa listened. For the past year, I’ve used this nice waterproof seat cover that clips around the headrests and protects Matrix’s precious interior. It’s worked fairly well…. but now has ripped and RIP’ed.

So.. plan B.

How about those vintage sheets I’ve been buying lately? You know, for my sewing/quilting projects that some day I’m going to get around to.

Well… I checked my inventory and found a twin fitted sheet in a psychedelic floral pattern. I had no plans to sew with a fitted sheet, but thought it would work well as a car seat cover.

And voila!


Looks pretty awesome, right? Harmo must’ve liked it – she jumped right in when I opened the door to take a photo.

Speaking of Harmo, look who’s growing more fur to contribute to the snow globe.

DSCN0899 DSCN0901

What a cutie :)


The weekend is upon us – and I have a few fun plans of my own:

  • Half-priced massage tomorrow at a nearby resort & spa (thanks, Groupon!)
  • Garage sales and thrift stores, and perhaps a barn full of antiques if I’m lucky
  • Cheering on the dawgs against the vols!
  • Attending the Foothills’ Fall Festival

Harmo Houdini

So far, I’ve had 3 days of work since my parents left, leaving Sheff and Harmony on their own all day.

Day 1 – I rushed straight home from work. Harmo was in the crate, all is good in the world.

Day 2 – Harmo was waiting at the garage door for me. wait! How did Harmo get out of the crate?? I assumed that I didn’t latch the crate door properly.

Day 3 – Harmo again greeted me at the garage door. I had paid special attention this morning to make sure I latched the door firmly shut when I crated her.

Conclusion = Harmony can open the crate door. The only good news to come from this is that she didn’t get into any trouble while free – nothing had been knocked over, chewed, peed on, or messed with. So I guess that lets me know that I can leave her loose. But she’s been here a month today, and has been crated numerous times (although for shorter spans of time) and never busted out before. Maybe she’s been working on this trick the whole time, and yesterday finally pulled it off. Oh Harmo… what will we do with you??


Tonight’s Homegrown Dinner: Spaghetti Squash

Yes, tonight I’m having the spaghetti squash casserole that I shared with you earlier. And yes, I did use a pyrex mixing bowl :)