Vintage Project for Apartment

I had a very successful thrifting afternoon today, and picked up some great deals. One of which has to do with my latest hobby….. Pinterest.

One of my latest pins is this re-done side table – painted white and decoupaged with colorful fabric. And of course, I decided that I could tackle this project. Too bad my handyman mom is back in Texas (and she took her sander too!)

image my inspiration

I had seen a similar vintage side table at my local Habitat Re-Store for $4, which would have been perfect, but it’s since been sold.

Today, I found this guy at my local Salvation Army store, for $8:

DSCN1592 my “before”

I think it should work well. It’s a sturdy table, in pretty good shape, with clean lines. Not sure why it has handles on the sides though??


I will likely remove those guys.

Of course now I have to pick what type/color/pattern fabric to use for the top of the table. Which means I need to figure out where the table will go (side table for couch in living room, most likely) and what the color scheme will be (no idea, since roommate is supplying the couch).

Any thoughts? If you browse my boards on Pinterest, you can see that I have an obsession with red and aqua together… so maybe something along those lines.

Stay tuned for more updates on project table!



My free friend

As previously mentioned, my mom and I hit up some garage sales this weekend. Among other finds, was a particular wing chair sitting out front at a church rummage sale.

Price: FREE

We questioned whether this chair was really a giveaway and was informed that indeed it was. Although it needs a bit of steam cleaning, the frame seems in good shape (and hopefully no bed bugs are living inside!).

I’m thinking this will be a piece for me that I can have reupholstered and take to my next place this fall.

IMG_0303it’s getting some fresh air outside

Seeing that I didn’t have to pay for the chair, I don’t feel terrible about the cost of reupholstery.  The shade of blue is actually quite nice, especially with the dark brown legs, but the fabric is really stained/soiled, and the pattern is sort of shiny and not-my-style.

So now… I’ll be looking at color schemes and fabric options. I will admit, it’s slightly difficult to pick a color and fabric when I don’t have any idea what it’s room will look like (or where I’ll even be living this fall, ha!). I know I should stick with some sort of neutral, and then perhaps have colored accent pillows.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome :)

IMG_0305 fits me perfectly, doesn’t it?

Early Spring/Easter Preparations

Can you believe that the spring forward time change is less than two weeks away!?

Oh spring weather.. where are you?? Today is yet another day stuck in the 30s. I forgot to wear my hat/gloves for the dogs afternoon walk today and it was chill-ee!

However, in an effort to brighten up my surroundings and act like spring really is just around the corner, I stopped by K. Roger on my way home from work and picked up some of these lovely flowers:



Oh.. and that little sheep? Shh… that’s Sheff’s present from the Easter Bunny, he dropped it off a little early this year. I just have to find a way to keep it under wraps for another month. Don’t tell him!

Bringing out my inner Martha…

In the April 2009 Country Living magazine, they show how to make your own Easter Wreath using candy almonds, a hot glue gun and a foam wreath form. Sounds easy and fun!

imagephoto from

I stopped by Hobby Lobby, picked up a hot glue gun, foam wreath, Easter dog gifts, but was unable to find any candy almonds. Not at Hobby Lobby, nor Target or K. Roger’s. I looked through the extensive Easter candy selection, and found many a pastel egg (reese’s, marshmallow, hershey chocolate, malted chocolate, or cadbury eggs, but no candy almonds!)

I’m afraid of using other egg-shaped Easter candy in case they melt when coming in contact with my weapon of choice (hot glue gun).

Any ideas where I can find these Jordan Almonds?!

Checking in with March’s Healthy Living Challenge :)

I’ve been wearing my pedometer every day this week and motivating my co-workers to sign up for our spring pedometer challenge. So far I’ve been racking up 6,000 – 8,000 steps a day, which isn’t too bad.

The water drinking has been going well, especially at work when the water bottle sits at my desk and stares at me. At home, not as well… I just need to remember to keep a glass with me all the time.

And.. I finally made it back to the gym yesterday! Ta-da!! Nothing crazy – a quick in and out 30 minute workout, but I’ll be back tomorrow, and then hiking this weekend!