Oh the fun of allergies…

Still trying to figure out what’s bothering my eyes so much – the skin around them is really getting dark and irritated, and my left eye is pretty much continually crying. Like a leaky faucet. I have a suspicion maybe it’s my new favorite laundry sheets (the all in one Purex sheets you just throw in – no more bottles of detergent, fabric softender, etc). :( That would be sad. But I’m not surprised. I haven’t used anything scented in years. And I never use fabric softener. Now I throw all these things into my clothes and what do we get? Elizabeth the crying racoon. I’ll look great for this interview. ha.

Oh, and I just got a second call from this weight loss clinic in Naples, Florida. They must really like me. I still don’t know if I’d want to relocate to the bottom of the country. The weather would be nice. But then there are hurricanes. And no young people. And it’s a million hour drive from anywhere. Except Disney I suppose. But I probably couldn’t afford Disney. Although I haven’t asked about salary yet. Probably shouldn’t. Don’t want to get their hopes up that I’m coming. haha. I’m in such high demand, right?

OK, better get into my suit and ready for this interview. Wish me luck!


Spring is here!

So happy that spring is here. No more random beautiful days in the 70s, only to be exchanged for waking up to mid-30s. No, I think spring is finally here to stay. The flowers are out, my tree outside my bedroom is in full bloom, and it’s all lovely.

Other signs that spring is here?

  • The allergies have started and the Nasonex prescripion is waiting at my neighborhood CVS for me. I’ve been anxious about living through a Nashville spring, just as far as my head/breathing ability is concerned. But really, can it be any worse than Georgia? During my time down in Athens while in college, I went through years of allergy shots (8 a week!) and gradually built up immunity. It’s been quite amazing to only buy boxes of kleenex every few months instead of weeks. And yet, after my crazy hospital incident 2 summers ago that left me on a host of old-people heart medications, I haven’t been able to get the shots anymore. So… fingers are crossed that all the antibodies I finally made against my allergens are still floating around my body, ready to attack against the Nashville spring. What am I allergic to, you may ask? Don’t get me started. Almost every grass, weed, tree, flower that you can be tested for. Oh and a collection of animals too – dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs (but fortunately I’m fine with cattle?). Let’s just say there’s a reason I was getting 8 shots a week…
  • I finally washed and put away my flannel sheets. I have loved this new set – I got them dirt cheap at Kohl’s the day after thanksgiving, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my snowman sheets for the last 4 months. But now, it’s time to switch the soft cozy sheets for my crisp, white cotton. 
  • The little farmers markets across town are setting up!! yay yay yay yay local food!! While running errands in the Green Hills area this morning, I saw two of the mainstays already had their tents up, and were getting ready to open up shop. I’m so excited about this. I really feel like I wasn’t as good of a local foodie this past summer/fall after moving to Nashville; I didn’t frequent the farmers markets near as often as I had hoped to. But, times have changed and I’m ready. Probably even more passionate about local, sustainable food than I was 6 months ago! Of course, what I’d really love is to join a CSA for the upcoming season, but with not knowing for sure where I’ll be living, I’m not able to make that commitment yet. 
  • Spring thunderstorms have been making plenty of appearances. Today’s looks particular disturbing, with the potential for many a tornado and hail storm. Hopefully, it can hold out until I get back from my exciting Green Business and Living Expo over at Lipscomb – I’m pretty pumped about it today and hearing the keynote speaker, Gary Hirshberg! Gary is the CEO (or as he says, CE-Yo) of Stonyfield Farms, an organic yogurt producer, and wrote a brilliant book on how green/sustainable business practices is the best strategy for both making money and saving the planet – always what we want to hear! 

So, that’s my little shpiel on springtime. I’m going to reheat some of last night’s spaghetti for a quick lunch and then out for a beautiful walk before the storms set in!