Vintage Project for Apartment

I had a very successful thrifting afternoon today, and picked up some great deals. One of which has to do with my latest hobby….. Pinterest.

One of my latest pins is this re-done side table – painted white and decoupaged with colorful fabric. And of course, I decided that I could tackle this project. Too bad my handyman mom is back in Texas (and she took her sander too!)

image my inspiration

I had seen a similar vintage side table at my local Habitat Re-Store for $4, which would have been perfect, but it’s since been sold.

Today, I found this guy at my local Salvation Army store, for $8:

DSCN1592 my “before”

I think it should work well. It’s a sturdy table, in pretty good shape, with clean lines. Not sure why it has handles on the sides though??


I will likely remove those guys.

Of course now I have to pick what type/color/pattern fabric to use for the top of the table. Which means I need to figure out where the table will go (side table for couch in living room, most likely) and what the color scheme will be (no idea, since roommate is supplying the couch).

Any thoughts? If you browse my boards on Pinterest, you can see that I have an obsession with red and aqua together… so maybe something along those lines.

Stay tuned for more updates on project table!



Liz the List Maker

That’s a fairly good nickname for me.

When I lived in Australia (4th – 9th grade) I went by Lizzie. Then I had a fifth-life crisis when we moved back to the US, and I converted to Elizabeth.

Anyway… Liz used to be a nickname. And it alliterates with Lists, which I am obsessed with.

On any given day, these are my ongoing lists:

  • My Korean planner has a weekly and daily to do list
  • My phone has a To-Do app
  • At work, I keep to-do lists at my desk, on the back of my scrabble calendar
  • My ongoing grocery list (both on the fridge and my iPhone groceryIQ app)
  • A weekend to-do list (which is obviously different than the weekly to-do list, because I do different things on the weekend!)
  • Packing/travel list, if I am anticipating travel in the next month or so (which I am…)

So…. when I heard that there was a group forming called “52 lists in 52 weeks”, I had to join in the fun!

Jenni, from In Color Order (one of my favorite blogs) mentioned the group on her blog. You can see the flickr group here, and the founder’s blog here.

From my understanding, each week’s list will have a theme. This first week’s was “Today I will…”. A nice and easy start to the challenge!

So I broke out one of my new mini notebooks, my scrapbooking supplies, and got to work. Here we have it:


Hopefully I can keep up for the next 51 weeks! :D

June 8 2011


I am a lone farmer again. The parents + sister + beagle + lab are back in Texas, leaving me with my garden and barkers.

Our Florida trip was lots of fun. We visited sites such as:

DSCN1553  had so much fun at Epcot!


Tarpon Springs had great Greek food, dolphins, and shoulder-burning sun:( 


My cousin’s segregated HS graduation (kidding! the smart kids wear white gowns, the regulars are in green.)

Back at the farm….

I have eight weeks of work left, followed by a trip to Denver to see The Boy, followed by a move to NC, followed by the beginning of graduate school. Exciting!

My plants are all doing fabulously, despite my being gone for a week and mother nature slacking on her watering responsibilities. I have baby tomatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash on the plants already, as well as cantaloupe and butternut vines that are starting their growth spurts (those vines seriously grow a foot a day later in the summer!)

Without my mom here (I was spoiled for the past 4 months!), I am now responsible for:

  • grass mowing (my least enjoyed chore)
  • Sheff’s middle-of-the-night wake ups (why does he need to go out 2-3 times each night??!)
  • planning all meals (kinda enjoyable though!)
  • mouse duty (yes, they are back in the bathroom vanity, chewing up my make up sponges… eww!)

Oh… and you didn’t think I could write a Pyrex-less post, did you?

Look what I picked up in Florida!


My first complete refrigerator set! It may appear bizarre to meet a fellow (yet stranger) Pyrex collector in the parking lot of Starbucks for a purchase, but that’s me. I had heard that Florida was the mecca of vintage Pyrex, as all the elderly snowbirds (who have a lot of Pyrex) eventually die and leave their Pyrex behind. I hope that’s not too morbid sounding, but it’s true! So.. I started searching the Tampa and Orlando craigslist weeks before my trip for possible sales :)

This particular seller was very friendly, another collector who has decided to focus on just pinks (more of a treasure hunt for those!) and even held this set for me as I traveled all the way from TN! She packed it all up carefully for me too – thanks!

So… my new apartment in Chapel Hill is going to be full of Pyrex, and particularly this Butterfly Gold pattern. This makes 19 pieces that I own in this pattern, including mugs, juice glasses, casserole dishes and various mixing bowls. Success!

Let’s just hope my new roommate doesn’t mind…..

Round and Round

Arrived home from work today (I may have stopped at a thrift store on the way…) to see hay bales!


We finally had the back field cut and baled. For some reason, I enjoy seeing this done. I guess it seems exciting for this city girl. This time, sadly, I missed the giant “egg” machine, so all I have are these pictures.




Now we just need the other fields cut so they don’t continue to look like this:


And the slacking continues…

Not sure why blogging has been so hard lately! Here’s what’s been going on around the farm:


My Dad and Sister have been up here for the last week, and it’s been so nice to have time all together! I can’t even remember the last time that we’ve had more than a week as the 4-pack.

Jenna (sister) has been obsessed with her new fur-baby, Sully, and has been buying every possible canine accessory one could need. For my first fur-nephew, I even purchased a nice, reversible dog bed for her from Overstock. I will admit to being a tad jealous of the cat carrier that she bought for him – with a handle! How small and easy to transport, compared to the monstrous-sized crates for my 50+ lb dogs….


The garden is in full swing now. Corn is up, baby tomatoes are on the plants, and the squash plants are ready to take off. It’s so nice to be able to go outside and get fresh herbs/chives/lettuce/onions as you cook dinner! I’ll have pictures as things are ready for harvest.

Local Adventures

With the last few days of the four-pack at the farm this weekend, we tried to squeeze in a few East Tennessee adventures.

Tuckaleechee Caverns is within 30 minutes from me, and I’ve always heard great things, yet had never been. My dad, sister and I went Friday afternoon and had a great time! Compared to the other caves I’ve visited in East TN (Ruby Falls, The Lost Sea), Tuckaleechee Caverns was much more impressive and authentic. No colored lights and music please! We had a great time exploring the caves (with a guide!).  I would show you some pictures, but they’re pretty blurry (wish my camera had a cave setting…).

Yesterday involved a drive down through the towns of Lenoir City, Loudon and Sweetwater. Small towns in East Tennessee with charming downtown areas (although some are showing signs of the poor economy) with lots of thrift stores, yard sales and antique shops! I may have come home with a couple of things….

DSCN1543the black snowflake Pyrex is mine!!


DSCN1544we found this arm chair in GREAT shape for only $25! 
I think it will go splendidly with the 2 bookshelves ($50) that we just finished painting white and adding the bead board backing. Lovely :)

We also stopped in at Sweetwater Valley Farm, a local cheese-producing dairy, and I ate my weight in cheese samples! Their cheese curds were TO-DIE-FOR, and the pesto cheese was also amazing. Sadly, their oldest, sharpest cheese (usually my favorite cheese) was not good at all. Can’t beat Cabot!


As we speak, the rest of my family is in the family vehicle, driving down to Florida. I will join them tomorrow after work, for some time at Disney and Orlando, and then we’ll head over to Tampa to see more family.

Big Day!

Today has been quite the exciting Saturday:

  • The Boy moved into his new apartment today. He’s not thrilled with the cost of living in Denver, but managed to find a nice apartment within his budget. One of his first new purchases? A double-recliner couch, of course:

image what every man needs wants

  • My college bff/roommate graduated from law school today! Sadly I wasn’t able to make it, but a nice Tiffany’s gift went in my place :)

  • My sister was approved to adopt her first dog! She’s been obsessing over Corgis for the last 6 months, and found this adorable mix at a shelter. “Sully” is certainly a mix, perhaps with terrier? But definitely a good apartment sized (unlike Harley… who keeps gaining weight!)

image Sully is a 12 pound cutie!

Dinner time soon – my mom has been cooking a pot roast all day. I, on the other hand, will be feasting on these yummy-looking quinoa cakes and an assortment of vegetables. Delish!


Fly by May


Apologies for the blog break! The Boy noted that I hadn’t blogged in a while, and if HE noted then I figure it’s time to return!

May is seriously flying by. I’ve had several weekend getaways – looking at housing options in Chapel Hill and celebrating The Boy’s graduation with his masters. And I got an iPhone as a belated birthday present, which has been quite the toy to play with.

The photo above is the two of us in Nashville after his graduation. Had a great veggie burger at Burger Up – highly recommended!

Sadly it was my last trip to Nashville for a while. The Boy is packing all of his belongings into a 16 foot truck as we speak, and heading to Denver, where he starts his first job as a hardware design engineer Monday. I’m so proud of him, but obviously wishing we wouldn’t be so far apart. The silver lining in this case of long distance dating is that he will be the one with an income now… so he can pay for our dates :)

Less than 3 months of work left for me, an upcoming trip to Florida that will wipe out all remaining vacation days, and hopefully a great garden summer before I have to abandon the veggies for grad school!

Little sister us flying in today after finishing the semester. Haven’t seen her since Christmas!!