My agenda

One week from today – I will be unemployed.

Two weeks from today – I will be visiting The Boy in Denver

Three weeks from today – I will be packing up my moving truck

Four weeks from today – I will have attended graduate school orientation, and be preparing for the first day of classes!


My, how time has flown by! Hard to believe that this time next week, I will have lived at the farm for 2 years and will be leaving my first “real job”, moving on to my next chapter in life – graduate school at The University of North Carolina.

The dogs and I are relaxing and enjoying our remaining weeks here. With all the heat (and mosquitoes), we’ve mostly been staying inside, doing fun things such as baking with zucchini (a future post in itself), watching every episode of House Hunters and The Next Food Network Star, and attempting to start packing.

This weekend’s agenda looks something like this:

  • Lifetime movie “Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story”
  • Procuring moving boxes
  • Garage sales / antique stores (still looking for a dresser and desk!)
  • Updating my etsy shop – I found some great Federal glassware pieces today still in the original box! Hope to get them on the shop soon :)
  • Cooking delicious things from my garden – including this recipe tonight
  • Forcing myself to read more (with the awareness that time for leisure reading will soon drop drastically)



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