Holiday Weekend

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

I do not have the pleasure of a long weekend, since I used up my vacation days for last month’s Florida trip. But it’s working out just fine, seeing as though I’m all on my lonesome for the weekend anyway. Wouldn’t want an extra day of solo faux-celebrating, would we? Plus, I’m bringing in my ice cream maker to work tomorrow for a nice treat for the employees. Because I’m nice like that :)

Yesterday I headed to the local farmers market bright and early. I could be like other bloggers and show you mouth watering photographs of colorful, fresh produce. All the heirloom tomatoes, corn, squash, flowers, honey and jams, etc. But seriously, I’m growing most of that here, so I was really just excited about the bread.

There were a few bakery stands at the market, each with equally long lines. I jumped in one line, at the sight of their cinnamon rolls. These babies were huge – easily the size of bricks! They had varieties of sweet and savory baked goods. Sadly (for me), there were no prices on anything, so it was just a guess as to what you would end up paying. I chose not to buy any bread (although the cheddar bread and pecan ciabatta looked delicious!) and stuck with a cinnamon roll. $2 didn’t seem too bad… especially when I spent all morning eating it in my car as I drove from errand to errand.

And no, no pictures of this magnificent, calorically dense wonder. Maybe next weekend.

Other Saturday delights included:

  • Attempting to paint my thrift store table, only to find out that the can of semi-gloss white paint was empty. A trip to Lowe’s has been added to today’s to-do list
  • Watering the garden, and cursing the evil squash bugs who are slowly killing my curcurbit plants. (impressed by that word, right?)
  • Oh, and I harvested by first 2 tomatoes of the season! 2 big, half-pounders from my Better Boy plant. I read in an old Better Homes and Gardens magazine yesterday, that the average tomato plant can only produce 8-10 pounds of tomatoes per season. What? Come and see my wonder plants that grew 15-20 pounds of tomatoes each last year! My secrets – coffee grounds, daily watering, no chemicals, and lots of love :) (and maybe the occasional squirt of dog urine…)

And today is Sunday… SUNDAY (you have to say it in Al Roker’s voice) and I am currently watching the Wimbledon Men’s Finals. Very sad, of course, that Federer is not in the match (isn’t this the first time that’s ever happened!?). Harley, who is currently 13 days into his Heartworm treatment, has thrown up twice, strong yellow stomach acid stains on the carpet (of course), which gives me a fun project for the morning.

So, after the carpets are clean, the winner of Wimbledon declared, the Sunday paper procured and read, I will head to Lowe’s for paint, Kroger for cream, and return for some household projects this afternoon.

Happy 4th of July for tomorrow!



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