Happy Summer Solstice!

While other people spend the longest day of the year outside celebrating, soaking up the sun and enjoying the company of loved ones, I was at the dentist.

4 shots of novocain for 2 measly fillings, and 5 hours of numbness that left be unable to speak. If you know me, you know this is NOT my norm!

I also think it’s cruel for the dental hygienist to try to strike up a conversation, when clearly I cannot talk.

You’re moving? Where”

Nawf Cawoyina”

Great! What part?”

Chapuh Hiw”

For school?”


“What are you studying?”


Well that’s great to hear. How much longer for the degree?”

At this point, I gave up, pretended I couldn’t hear her and headed to the reception. Luckily, the receptionist was a dear and just said “You’re good to go Elizabeth, we’ll file the insurance”.

At least SOMEONE understands not to mess with me. It’s just wrong to do that to us numb patients…

So, I came back, greeted Sheff (Harley is at the vet for 72 hours for his heartworm treatment) and checked out the garden.


I hadn’t seen the garden in several days due to my Denver trip. The recent rain turned my veggies into overdrive!

There were 3 or 4 yellow squash ready for the picking, a monstrous zucchini (30 ounces!!), and at least 40 tomatoes on the plants (still green). BUT.. the most exciting thing for me was the baby butternuts. They’re everywhere! I feel like I heard somewhere that you should pull off some of the developing squash, so the plant can concentrate into just making a few extra-awesome butternuts, rather than numerous mediocre butternuts… anyone concur? Not sure I want to abort these guys though… I might give them all a chance.

And so… what to do with the zucchini with a BMI of 50? Make zucchini bread, of course!


Everything tastes better in Pyrex!


And even better with a Pyrex pot holder!


Apparently we’re having some crazy storm right now. The sky is black, the wind is crazy, and Sheff is in the bath tub. Better go find my flash light and be prepared!


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