From the Smokies to the Rockies

I took a quick trip to Denver this weekend to visit The Boy, who is now living the life in a great apartment with a garage, crown molding, daily trash service, and his double reclining couch. Must be nice!

Denver seems to be a great city. Especially for those interested in good health (me!) – there were walking/biking trails everywhere, plenty of parks and outdoor activities (most cars had bike/ski/boat racks), and a majority of citizens with BMI below 25 (or maybe 28… haha, still better than here in the south!).

We had a great, but quick, 43 hours together. Activities included:

  • Estate sale-ing and thrifting (you didn’t think I could visit a new city and not look for Pyrex, did you??)
  • Exploring Denver’s Highlands Street Festival
  • Scouting out the best Thai food in Denver (and being slightly alarmed when we walked into an empty restaurant at 6:30… luckily other people eventually dined there too!)
  • Driving into the mountains to see Central City and Black Hawk
  • Introducing The Boy to “The Glee Project” and “Extreme Couponing”, with which he now loves (seriously!)
  • Experiencing Duffeyrolls, which are basically a cinnamon roll and croissant hybrid. Delicious way to start the day!

Sadly, the only picture on my camera to remember the weekend is of the monstrous rice krispy treats sold at the festival:



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