Vintage Project for Apartment

I had a very successful thrifting afternoon today, and picked up some great deals. One of which has to do with my latest hobby….. Pinterest.

One of my latest pins is this re-done side table – painted white and decoupaged with colorful fabric. And of course, I decided that I could tackle this project. Too bad my handyman mom is back in Texas (and she took her sander too!)

image my inspiration

I had seen a similar vintage side table at my local Habitat Re-Store for $4, which would have been perfect, but it’s since been sold.

Today, I found this guy at my local Salvation Army store, for $8:

DSCN1592 my “before”

I think it should work well. It’s a sturdy table, in pretty good shape, with clean lines. Not sure why it has handles on the sides though??


I will likely remove those guys.

Of course now I have to pick what type/color/pattern fabric to use for the top of the table. Which means I need to figure out where the table will go (side table for couch in living room, most likely) and what the color scheme will be (no idea, since roommate is supplying the couch).

Any thoughts? If you browse my boards on Pinterest, you can see that I have an obsession with red and aqua together… so maybe something along those lines.

Stay tuned for more updates on project table!



One Response

  1. if you remove the handles, you’ll have to fill and sand the screw holes before you paint. I took the wood filler too.

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