Liz the List Maker

That’s a fairly good nickname for me.

When I lived in Australia (4th – 9th grade) I went by Lizzie. Then I had a fifth-life crisis when we moved back to the US, and I converted to Elizabeth.

Anyway… Liz used to be a nickname. And it alliterates with Lists, which I am obsessed with.

On any given day, these are my ongoing lists:

  • My Korean planner has a weekly and daily to do list
  • My phone has a To-Do app
  • At work, I keep to-do lists at my desk, on the back of my scrabble calendar
  • My ongoing grocery list (both on the fridge and my iPhone groceryIQ app)
  • A weekend to-do list (which is obviously different than the weekly to-do list, because I do different things on the weekend!)
  • Packing/travel list, if I am anticipating travel in the next month or so (which I am…)

So…. when I heard that there was a group forming called “52 lists in 52 weeks”, I had to join in the fun!

Jenni, from In Color Order (one of my favorite blogs) mentioned the group on her blog. You can see the flickr group here, and the founder’s blog here.

From my understanding, each week’s list will have a theme. This first week’s was “Today I will…”. A nice and easy start to the challenge!

So I broke out one of my new mini notebooks, my scrapbooking supplies, and got to work. Here we have it:


Hopefully I can keep up for the next 51 weeks! :D


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  1. how did I miss the mini-brownies?

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