June 8 2011


I am a lone farmer again. The parents + sister + beagle + lab are back in Texas, leaving me with my garden and barkers.

Our Florida trip was lots of fun. We visited sites such as:

DSCN1553  had so much fun at Epcot!


Tarpon Springs had great Greek food, dolphins, and shoulder-burning sun:( 


My cousin’s segregated HS graduation (kidding! the smart kids wear white gowns, the regulars are in green.)

Back at the farm….

I have eight weeks of work left, followed by a trip to Denver to see The Boy, followed by a move to NC, followed by the beginning of graduate school. Exciting!

My plants are all doing fabulously, despite my being gone for a week and mother nature slacking on her watering responsibilities. I have baby tomatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash on the plants already, as well as cantaloupe and butternut vines that are starting their growth spurts (those vines seriously grow a foot a day later in the summer!)

Without my mom here (I was spoiled for the past 4 months!), I am now responsible for:

  • grass mowing (my least enjoyed chore)
  • Sheff’s middle-of-the-night wake ups (why does he need to go out 2-3 times each night??!)
  • planning all meals (kinda enjoyable though!)
  • mouse duty (yes, they are back in the bathroom vanity, chewing up my make up sponges… eww!)

Oh… and you didn’t think I could write a Pyrex-less post, did you?

Look what I picked up in Florida!


My first complete refrigerator set! It may appear bizarre to meet a fellow (yet stranger) Pyrex collector in the parking lot of Starbucks for a purchase, but that’s me. I had heard that Florida was the mecca of vintage Pyrex, as all the elderly snowbirds (who have a lot of Pyrex) eventually die and leave their Pyrex behind. I hope that’s not too morbid sounding, but it’s true! So.. I started searching the Tampa and Orlando craigslist weeks before my trip for possible sales :)

This particular seller was very friendly, another collector who has decided to focus on just pinks (more of a treasure hunt for those!) and even held this set for me as I traveled all the way from TN! She packed it all up carefully for me too – thanks!

So… my new apartment in Chapel Hill is going to be full of Pyrex, and particularly this Butterfly Gold pattern. This makes 19 pieces that I own in this pattern, including mugs, juice glasses, casserole dishes and various mixing bowls. Success!

Let’s just hope my new roommate doesn’t mind…..


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