Big Day!

Today has been quite the exciting Saturday:

  • The Boy moved into his new apartment today. He’s not thrilled with the cost of living in Denver, but managed to find a nice apartment within his budget. One of his first new purchases? A double-recliner couch, of course:

image what every man needs wants

  • My college bff/roommate graduated from law school today! Sadly I wasn’t able to make it, but a nice Tiffany’s gift went in my place :)

  • My sister was approved to adopt her first dog! She’s been obsessing over Corgis for the last 6 months, and found this adorable mix at a shelter. “Sully” is certainly a mix, perhaps with terrier? But definitely a good apartment sized (unlike Harley… who keeps gaining weight!)

image Sully is a 12 pound cutie!

Dinner time soon – my mom has been cooking a pot roast all day. I, on the other hand, will be feasting on these yummy-looking quinoa cakes and an assortment of vegetables. Delish!



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