Fly by May


Apologies for the blog break! The Boy noted that I hadn’t blogged in a while, and if HE noted then I figure it’s time to return!

May is seriously flying by. I’ve had several weekend getaways – looking at housing options in Chapel Hill and celebrating The Boy’s graduation with his masters. And I got an iPhone as a belated birthday present, which has been quite the toy to play with.

The photo above is the two of us in Nashville after his graduation. Had a great veggie burger at Burger Up – highly recommended!

Sadly it was my last trip to Nashville for a while. The Boy is packing all of his belongings into a 16 foot truck as we speak, and heading to Denver, where he starts his first job as a hardware design engineer Monday. I’m so proud of him, but obviously wishing we wouldn’t be so far apart. The silver lining in this case of long distance dating is that he will be the one with an income now… so he can pay for our dates :)

Less than 3 months of work left for me, an upcoming trip to Florida that will wipe out all remaining vacation days, and hopefully a great garden summer before I have to abandon the veggies for grad school!

Little sister us flying in today after finishing the semester. Haven’t seen her since Christmas!!


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