I’m back in black!

I didn’t want you all to think that I’d disappeared. No, I’ve just spent the last 11 days coughing my lungs up and suffering from an enlarged right tonsil, congestion and temporary hearing loss. With this bad head cold, I’ve felt like the man in that Raisin Bran Crunch commercial, where we has so much noise inside his head, he can’t hear the outside world. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing?

Things are going well here. So hard to believe it’s already May! I have back-to-back weekend plans this month, including:

  • An apartment-hunting trip to Chapel Hill
  • Celebrating The Boy’s grad school graduation
  • Enjoying a summer family trip (the first time my sister will get to visit the farm and see the garden!) and a brief trip to Florida (Harry Potter world, here we come!)

3 months left of work, and then a move on my hands. I’ve already registered for my Fall classes, which feels so weird, but also exciting. Harley is pumped about the move, mostly because he won’t have to live in fear of Sheff anymore. Seriously, those 2 are not friends. Sheff attacked Harley again this week, after a several month truce.

DSCN1496 This is Harley’s Easter portrait. He did very well at the Egg Hunt :)

My mom and I are getting the garden in full swing before she heads back to Texas. I’ll be sad to have to leave the garden in full-bloom/growth, but hopefully I can still get some good harvests in the next few months. We’ve planted:

Tomatoes (heirloom and hybrid)
Watermelon (my goal for the summer!)
Asparagus (won’t see those guys for several years…)
Yellow squash (organic
Herbs (too many to name!)


I’ll try to get some pictures in at some point. The big tiller broke last year, so we’re pursuing a “No-Till Garden” philosophy this year. Wish us luck! :)

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