Grad school here I come!

Just an update….

I received an email yesterday, hopefully not an April Fools’ joke….

That I was accepted into UNC’s MPH Nutrition program!!


Looks like Harley and I will be moving east later this summer!

How funny, 6 years ago I first received an acceptance letter from UNC. Back then, I was also applying to their Public Health Nutrition program, but as a high school senior. I ended up accepting and later retracting that acceptance, as I went to the University of Georgia for my degree in Dietetics.

113_1316 Me at the Old Well, during my 2006 Fall Break road trip

And now, here I am again being admitted to their program. But this time for a Masters Degree.

Harley thinks it’s a good decision because he looks very good in Carolina blue :)DSCN1434


2 Responses

  1. Congrats! Do you know what will be your focus?

  2. I believe their program lets you choose either public health or clinical focus. At this point I’d be leaning towards public health, but we’ll see! I loved my clinical experiences while at Vanderbilt University Medical Center during my dietetic internship, but I like it all :)

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