And Friday rolls around again

… the weeks seem to be flying by!

Some highlights of this week:

  • Homemade ice cream – I lugged my thrifted CuisinArt ice cream maker to work. My new-year’s eve attempt at homemade ice cream may have failed, but it turns out that the hospital’s walk-in freezer is much colder than my garage freezer, and the machine worked like a charm. Homemade vanilla ice cream was very much enjoyed by my staff, and it was unanimously agreed that this purchase was $8 well spent! (However… who knew that heavy cream was over $5 a quart? Homemade ice cream is not cheap!)


  • I still exercise – I’ve been on a bit of a hater phase with my gym lately. I don’t think I’ve been in the past month. The Westin in Chicago had a very nice hotel gym, which I did utilize while I was travelling, but I realize that my membership fees are going doing the toilet regardless of whether I go or not. Since I hate losing money… I forced myself back in to the gym this week. Kept telling myself “just 20 minutes… you can do 20 minutes”. Turns out, once I was on the treadmill at my half-marathon pace and a fast-paced song on my iPod shuffle, I was quite enjoying myself, and walked for a nice 33 minutes. Not bad! Makes me want to go back and walk some more. I do miss my days of half-marathon training, and look forward to living in a neighborhood again that makes that more doable.
  • I found (more) pyrex! This lovely piece was discovered at a thrift store, hidden under a salad spinner. It’s another Butterfly Gold pattern, in mint condition, along with the patterned lid! Lovely. I also picked up a set of matching juice glasses at the flea market last weekend, as well as 50% of a butter dish.
  • DSCN1427
  • Ticks are here. Not necessarily something to celebrate, but it seems as though tick season has begun. Harley had the first tick of 2011, found inside his ear (gross), and my mom found the second tick of 2011, crawling on her back in bed. Gross. Since then, we have reclaimed the couch as dog-free, which is confusing the poor canines. Mostly Harley, since he seeks refuge on the couch from Sheff (FYI: in his old-age jealousy, Sheff has attacked Harley several times, and Harley is now petrified of him). We also loaded up on Frontline from the vet’s office this week.
  • Winter returned. Not really. I’m so glad that we’re not seeing snow this week, like other parts of the country are. However, the warm 70s and 80s (!) are gone, replaced by boring 50 degree weather and rain for the next few days. Boo. Just as I had packed up the winter clothes, electric blanket, and dry-cleaned the winter coats. Not that I need winter coats for 50 degree weather, but you know…

Tomato massacre. My tomato seedlings, planted 6 weeks ago or so, were tragically murdered by Mother Nature earlier this week. A store-bought greenhouse kit was the culprit, trapping in excessive sun, heat, and humidity, that, evidently, the seedlings couldn’t take. Life as a farmer is rough. And so, we’re turning to plants for tomatoes again this year. But never fear, I will still grow an heirloom variety, just trying to choose one. Thoughts?


last summer’s beauties


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