My free friend

As previously mentioned, my mom and I hit up some garage sales this weekend. Among other finds, was a particular wing chair sitting out front at a church rummage sale.

Price: FREE

We questioned whether this chair was really a giveaway and was informed that indeed it was. Although it needs a bit of steam cleaning, the frame seems in good shape (and hopefully no bed bugs are living inside!).

I’m thinking this will be a piece for me that I can have reupholstered and take to my next place this fall.

IMG_0303it’s getting some fresh air outside

Seeing that I didn’t have to pay for the chair, I don’t feel terrible about the cost of reupholstery.  The shade of blue is actually quite nice, especially with the dark brown legs, but the fabric is really stained/soiled, and the pattern is sort of shiny and not-my-style.

So now… I’ll be looking at color schemes and fabric options. I will admit, it’s slightly difficult to pick a color and fabric when I don’t have any idea what it’s room will look like (or where I’ll even be living this fall, ha!). I know I should stick with some sort of neutral, and then perhaps have colored accent pillows.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome :)

IMG_0305 fits me perfectly, doesn’t it?


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