In the Windy City

Hello blog readers,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I am still alive. Currently sitting in the lobby of the Westin on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, for the 2011 SCAN Symposium.

The lobby is packed of people wearing green for the annual St Patrick’s Day parade. Also, cute dogs wearing jackets (this is a pet-friendly hotel).

The Boy is up here with me too (although still asleep in the hotel room… hope housekeeping doesn’t barge in and rouse him from his slumber). We’ve had fun thus far. My camera is up in the room, but here is a recap of some of our activities thus far (pictures will follow!)

  • The Museum of Science and Industry – our inner science nerds had a blast in the museum, and were kicked out at their early 4pm closing time, without getting to fully enjoy every exhibit. But had fun!
  • Deep dish pizza at Giordano’s
  • Architecture boat cruise – on a surprisingly sunny Saturday afternoon
  • Hot Chocolate at Ghirardelli’s
  • Learning the Chicago Bus System – The Boy is particularly proud of learning routes (although I think google maps on his iPhone is doing all the work for him)
  • Walking through Navy Pier
  • The Boy received his best and most thorough haircut ever, from a little barber shop named Alfredo’s. He went in the shop looking like a muppet, and left like a well-groomed engineer.
  • Breakfast at this wonderful diner named Tempo, where they serve omelets and other breakfast creations straight out of the skillet, and the meals are the size of a football. Even The Boy couldn’t eat more than 50% of his meal!

Alright, time to head up to the conference. Be back later!


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