Who loves Girl Scout Cookies?

This week I picked up my girl scout cookie order at work. I brought home 4 boxes – 2 Tagalongs, 1 Thin Mints, and 1 Samoas.

image image image

(anyone surprised that I buy all the chocolate covered varieties?)

Girl Scout Cookies are delicious and special, probably because you can only buy them one time a year. Tagalongs have always been my favorite. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter!

My history with Girl Scout Cookies began in the early 1990s, when I was a Brownie, with an international Girl Scout Troop in Great Britain. We shipped a huge order of cookies across the Atlantic Ocean for our hungry American friends to buy from us :)

My brownie career only lasted a year, followed by many more years of living internationally, sans-cookies. (biscuits are the british term for cookies). Of course, in Australia, we had Tim Tams, which are every bit as good as a Girl Scout Cookie!


Back in the US for high school, I looked forward to buying girl scout cookies each year. Coincidentally (or not?), they always come out around the time of my birthday. In fact, one year during college, I flew home for my birthday weekend, and distinctly remember the box of Tagalongs sitting in the car seat when my parents came to pick me up. By the time we arrived home, the box was empty (oops!).

So herein lies the difficulty with these delicacies. The boxes are small (less than 2 dozen) and the taste so good, you find yourself running through your supply in no time at all, and then having to wait a full year. Oh, how I envy people who will still have some cookies in their house come the hot summer months. What? You still have Girl Scout Cookies? Mine were long gone, months ago!

And so, here are my top 6 cookie guidelines, being a Registered Dietitian and all, as to how to enjoy your Girl Scout Cookies guilt-free

  1. Buy one batch and one batch only. Choose the cookies that you LOVE, and wait all year for. If the cookies aren’t special to you, then don’t bother (this is why I don’t understand who’d buy the Trefoils. Shortbread is not special!)
  2. Follow the “one open box” policy. If I seriously had all 4 varieties of cookies in open boxes, I’d be in trouble. Instead, I have opened the Thin Mints, and will leave the Tagalongs and Samoas for a later day, week, or month (hopefully!)
  3. Freeze the unopened boxes. This way, they will last longer, and you’ll be less tempted to binge-eat. Unless you love frozen cookies. This is one time I’ll be thankful for my cold-sensitive teeth :)
  4. Savor the cookies. Sit down and plan to eat your cookies. Get out a couple, put them on a plate, and really enjoy them. Practice mindful eating, people, and you’ll be more satisfied with each bite. Do not hide in the pantry, stuffing cookies down your throat before someone finds you. I’ve been there and it’s not pretty.
  5. Drink with a glass of milk. Milk makes everything chocolate better, and also adds important nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and protein. image
  6. Set a cookie goal date. This is the day that you still want to have a cookie in your house, uneaten. I have chosen Easter this year, which is April 24. Very reasonable.

This gives me 52 days in which to enjoy the 62 cookies that I have left.

Which results in a 1.2 daily cookie ration.

However, I will be out of town for 5 days in March, so really I have 47 days to eat the 62 cookies. This is a bigger ration of 1.3 cookies per day, which lets me eat 1 cookie during each week day and 2 cookies per day on the weekend.

If you’re not a Type A, neurotic, Sheldonite like myself, ignore the previous ramble and just slow down and enjoy the cookies :)


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