Lovin my dishes

If you remember well, my 25th birthday was 5 days ago. Yesterday, a big heavy box with my name on it was delivered, from my best friend and college roommate. Hmm, what heavy items would people send to me? Might it start with the letter p? Yes, it might :)


This, my dears, is Pyrex Tableware. A whole new world to explore, separate from the mixing bowls and casseroles that we all love. This are items you can use in your everyday eating! I would like to time travel back a few decades, to a time when restaurants used Pyrex Tableware. Wouldn’t THAT have been awesome??

I already had 3 saucers in the matching blue stripe pattern. If you remember, I ate breakfast birthday cake on it the day after my birthday:


So now I have saucers, dinner plates, and a teacup that all match. Lovely


And the pink flamingo saucers I received match the 3 pink-rimmed bowls I picked up at a thrift a few weeks ago:


Thanks Mandi!!!

Today was 50% off day at East Tennessee are Goodwill stores, and to my delight I found a stack of “Swiss Chalet” saucers for $1.25 total!!


I love this pattern, and just wish I could find some more at an affordable price!

My new dish friends, altogether now:


I don’t think I’ll ever have brand-new, matching dishes. Vintage dishes in various patterns and colors are too much fun!!


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