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February 24th

Thoughts of the day

  • Yes, gas prices are going up. Do not start panicking and filling up every possible container you have with gas. The world is not coming to an end (just in the middle east… joking!). Just conserve where you can and drive a matrix whenever possible for top-notch gas mileage :)
  • Leslie Sansone is a great workout motivator… until you’ve memorized her lines. Thank you, Netflix, for letting me switch up my workout DVDs regularly!
  • My boss, a chef, made a wonderful corn and black bean salad/salsa, which became the basis of my dinner tonight. Along with whole-grain baked scoops. A happy, full tummy tonight!
  • I really want an excuse to bake this skillet chocolate chip cookie!
  • After living in this house (full of dog toys) for 3 months, Harley played with a soft, squeaky toy for the first time today. It was the squeaky hamburger. A foodie at heart :)
  • He also modeled the new boots I bought for Sheff ($1 a piece at Petsmart, although you can’t buy them individually, so $4 for the set!)
  • IMG_0209

  • After sneezing for the last week, my mother reminded me that lilies are the most allergenic of flowers. Coincidentally, lilies are prominently featured in the Valenbirthday flower arrangement from The Boy. Thanks, Honey :)

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