Quarter Century Birthday Weekend

Greetings all!

The Boy made the drive over this weekend to help celebrate my 25th Birthday, as well as Valentine’s Day, also known as “Valenbirthday”.

He brought me these lovely flowers:


My chocolate free week ended with a bang (= hot chocolate for breakfast, chocolate milk at work, hershey’s at home, and a hot fudge sundae at Sonic). I may have overdone it initially, but it feels good now. Knowing that I can have it whenever I want it, almost makes me not want it. So, success.

Saturday was an awesome day. The Boy was up early, dressed and showered before I even got up! We headed to the Smoky Mountains via Townsend, for a nice birthday hike.

I consulted this little book of ours to pick the perfect trail:


Now, The Boy and I don’t quite see eye to eye when it comes to hiking/walking. I love going out for a walk, just to be out in nice weather, getting fresh air and moving my legs. The Boy will only enjoy manual labor if there’s a reward at the end, which in this case would be a waterfall. So, we had to limit ourselves to hikes that result in waterfalls. I’ve done the Abrams Falls trail before, which is good, but involves committing to driving through Cade’s Cove (= a very touristy loop through the park that is slow moving and time-consuming!).

We settled for the 2.6 mile (roundtrip) hike to Laurel Falls. A popular trail, it’s even paved.

We were there by 10:45am, before the cars had started parking in every possible ditch to get to the trailhead.

Sadly, just a quarter mile into the hike, I was already needing a breathing break. It’s been too long since my half-marathon training, and my incline work needs some improvement. Granted, I was talking the entire way, and carrying our much needed hiking supplies (joke; we never used any of the snacks I packed)

The waterfalls were beautiful and a great end to the trail. I forgot my camera, so we had to make do with The Boy’s iPhone:


Saturday also contained:

  • pizza and air hockey in Gatlinburg
  • thrifting in Sevierville
  • a Wii fit workout
  • multiple hours of the “Auction Kings” marathon on Discovery Channel
  • and a late-night hot fudge sundae run to Sonic.

Sunday brought even more fun!

I woke up to check my Tomato seeds and found that we have seedlings, poking their brave heads through the ground!



I’ve got heirlooms (Brandywine), hybrids (Better Boy) and cherry tomatoes (Sweeties) all started, complete with this Fluorescent grow light system from Amazon, and am psyched for these little guys! I’m going to start some Romaine seeds today – my first lettuce adventure.

Sunday brunch at The Tomato Head was amazing, as usual. I had an awesome sandwich that contained eggs, potatoes, onions, local smoked cheddar and tofu, on a wheat bun, with a side of fruit. Delish.

The Boy has headed back to Nashville now, after working on his Wii bowling and ping pong skills, and I am getting ready to work on some crafting projects. Happy Almost Birthday to me!!


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