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This morning I declared a week of no chocolate. Although I heavily believe “everything in moderation”, this past week has been anything BUT moderate when it comes to chocolate. Let’s see…

Tuesday night, instead of going to the gym after work, I came home and ate half a chocolate cake.

Yesterday, I slowly munched my way through a bag of chocolate chips stored in the freezer. It seems every 30 minutes I was reaching in for a tablespoon or two. Small portions, yes, but that makes it even harder to realize how much you’ve eaten!

Not to mention the chocolate chip coffee I drink in the morning, the Valentine’s Hershey Kisses that my mom has scattered around the house in decorative trays, and the Trader Joes hot cocoa mix that I love.


For the next 7 days, I will not consume any chocolate.

Today = Day 1

To keep my mind of cocoa, I turned to bread.


Here is a yummy, but slightly underdone, loaf of no-knead bread. I used Steamy Kitchen’s tutorial, which can be found here. The crust is chewy and delicious, and a slice of this bread with local honey, peanut butter and banana slices made the perfect lunch.

And, yes, I do realize that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which is almost a national day of chocolate. However, I already planned ahead, and bought strawberries with whipped cream, for a lovely, sweet chocolate-free dessert.

After I make it through these 7 days, what will be my reward??

How about a 25th birthday? Yup, I’ll be turning a quarter-century in just a week. Pretty exciting. And hopefully lots of chocolate :)


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