Weekend in Music City

Happy Monday!

I had a refreshing weekend in Nashville with The Boy. We discovered a hidden gem of an Italian restaurant, where I had delicious vegetable pizza and tiramisu. Friday’s dinner was followed by a concert by the Nashville Jazz Orchestra, where we seemed to be the only patrons under 50 who were not there for extra-credit. In 30 years, I hope I don’t go around talking about my friend’s "unexpected bowel obstruction" as the guests behind us did, rather loudly. Of course, they had turned down their hearing aids in anticipation of the jazz.

Saturday consisted of successful thrifting (why does Nashville’s Goodwill store always have great clothes, but no other Goodwill does? I love it) and antiquing (The Boy treated me to a Pyrex mixing bowl set as a belated Christmas / combo bday gift). We also visited The Grilled Cheeserie, Nashville’s only gourmet food truck specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches. It was lovely. Other than forgetting cash and having to search East Nashville for an ATM and re-"parallel park", and the cold weather that forced us to eat our goods in the car, we enjoyed our lunch. Food trucks are a fun concept and I feel good about supporting local businesses (especially those who support local food!). If I lived in Nashville, I would be a regular customer :)

Sunday was a gorgeous day; the sun was out and the temp hit 50. We started our morning at the Loveless Cafe for a carb overload (pancakes and biscuits for me, with a scrambled egg thrown in for satiating protein) and I was tickled to see an autographed, framed photo of the American Pickers in the lobby! The Loveless Cafe is quite well-known, and there are literally hundreds of signed pics of country stars who have eaten there. I, being culturally illiterate (especially regarding country music), rarely recognize any of the stars, but I sure recognized Mike and Frank and somehow, it made my carb overload feel more worthy :)

Sunday ended with the super bowl. Sadly, my basic TV package doesn’t include Animal Planet, leaving me unable to watch the Puppy Bowl that seemed to thrill my sister. I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed it. Instead, my mom and I made delicious quesadillas, and focused our energy on the super bowl commercials. My 2 favorites were the Doritos Pug commercial, and the VW Darth Vadar commercial.

Have a great week everyone!


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