Harmonious Pyrex


This is one (of many) Pyrex “scenes” scattered around the house. The yellow hostess dish in the middle serves as my cookie/baked goods container (excellent because it’s opaque… sometimes I even forget the goodies are there!), and the surrounding fridgies are mostly for show. Pity they don’t get enough use. I always seem to forget about them and use my plastic tupperware instead.

Pretty cool that our ancestors grandmas used glass pyrex containers for leftovers instead of cheap, chemical filled plastic. Especially ones that could go  in the fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, and last forever.


Lo and behold, today I bought some new fridgies. I didn’t even know that neo-pyrex made these guys!


Being interested in the colored, vintage pieces, I never even pay attention to what Pyrex is up to these days.

They were just $2.99 each, and thought they’d like to come live with their elders.


Adorable, right?


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