Where did the time go?

Today seemed to fly by. We got  new equipment in the hospital kitchen, which was very exciting, since the original equipment was probably close to 40 years old! Definitely time for an update. The renovation/installation required a change to the menu, which led to the weekly hamburger day being moved to Thursday. Hamburger Day is a HUGE thing in our hospital, people seem to crawl out of the woodwork and come eat in the cafeteria, and everyone marks their week by when burger day is/has been. So the fact that we moved it this week was big news. We even had to post a sign that read “due to cafe renovations, Hamburger Day will be observed on Thursday this week”. I love how we make it sound like a national holiday. haha

After work, I stopped by the Habitat for Humanity thrift store for some vintage zippers, for a new sewing project of mine. I’ve never sewn a zipper, so fingers crossed! Maybe I should get out the goggles in case needles start flying :)

Harley’s first obedience class was tonight, although it was humans-only, mostly an introduction class. What are the chances, that out of 6 dogs in the class, there is another Harley??? haha. I hope it doesn’t confuse him. But by the sounds of the other dogs, and the topics we’re going to cover in class, I think Mr. Harley will easily be valedictorian.


Dinner was slightly less pathetic than the past 2 nights (both of which were Morningstar Black Bean burger on a bagel thin, with laughing cow cheese and an apple) – Morningstar Chik’n Patty and vegetarian baked beans. Oh, and did I mention that I had a Morningstar Sausage Patty this morning with my breakfast? Yes, maybe Morningstar needs to contact me and sponsor this blog. haha. I’ll admit, they have great vegetarian products. I’ve always stayed clear of Boca products, haven’t had any luck with Gimme Lean, occasionally use Gardenburgers, but I can’t go wrong with Morningstar!

And now, somehow it’s already past 9pm, Bend it Like Beckham is on, and I need to get to bed. Good night everyone!!


3 Responses

  1. you could have noted that the blue denim floor pillow, beloved by dogs, came from Goodwill! Also, Annie plans to be the head of the class. Or activities director.

  2. Hey there, found your blog through a comment you posted on Eat Live Run! Just wanted to say I love it–I am a nursing student but I work part time in the nutrition office at my local hospital, so I get lots of exposure to the dietitian’s world. I also do crafty stuff and have two dogs…and I’m your opposite: a country girl living in the city. Look forward to reading!

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