Grateful for Gravel

I don’t think the sight of my gravel driveway has ever excited me so much.

After a full week of snow and ice, the driveway finally thawed out today. There’s still a smidgen of ice/snow left on the shaded areas, and for that reason I left my car at the base of the driveway, down by the gate, for an easy departure tomorrow morning.

I’ve had enough drama with that driveway, after what happened Thursday afternoon.

I had made it safely to work both Wednesday and Thursday (after so much help from my neighbor!). However, Thursday after work, I didn’t quite make it up the final hill on the driveway (that was solid ice). Matrix slid back diagonally, and then I left it. My monster truck neighbor was unable to straighten it out with his truck. He he ended up bringing a large tractor over, and with the help of another concerned neighbor (who realized he doesn’t usually see a tractor, SUV, and crooked Matrix gathering on my driveway), we finally got Matrix back in the garage.

image Thanks, Massey Ferguson! source

That was Thursday at 6pm. I vowed not to leave the house again until the ice was gone.

Finally, today, Sunday, at 11am, I ventured out again and headed into work to catch up.

Yes, I’ve had a bit of cabin fever. Especially after already being locked up Monday and Tuesday.

I’ve gone through all the eggs in the fridge. Even had to bake banana bread without eggs. (it was OK).

I resorted to a big bowl of roasted vegetables for last night’s dinner, which contained 1 entire crown of broccoli, 1 potato, and 1/3 sweet potato. My stomach declared it was too much fiber at one sitting. I drank a few more cups of water and went to bed.

I’ve watched some bad movies:

image image

But, it’s all good because I have this to look forward to for dinner:


And this to watch for the next 2 weeks:


And this upcoming crafty projects in mind, giving me a reason to hunt down vintage buttons at upcoming estate sales.

image Source: Doe-c-doe


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  1. no movie is bad if Harry Connick is in it. He’s a fellow New Orleanian by birth. Your home dawg.

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