Hopeful for an escape

Today marks snow day 2.

I was up by 7am, ready to start my day. After watching the news and fueling with a few hilary clintons, I went outside to tackle the driveway. An hour of hard work with various gardening tools got me from this:


to this:


which seems like excellent progress, except that after that edge, there’s still another 1/4 mile of un-cleared driveway. I decided to take the Monster-Matrix (its bad-weather alter-ego) out for a test.

Not even a foot into the un-cleared portion, Monster-Matrix wasn’t doing too well. The snow was almost as high as the clearance under the car, and once packed down, the tires had nothing to grip. I tried to reverse back into the garage, but was stuck. Wonderful, back to the snow shovel 6 inch gardening hoe.

Serious, these are the tools I have used today:

image image

Too bad they couldn’t get together and morph into this:

image But I digress.

Once the Monster Minor Matrix was back in his crib garage, safe and sound, I realized that today may not be the last of my snow days. With weather not getting much above freezing until this weekend, and a long snow-filled driveway, how on earth would I ever get out? 

My boss offered to have someone pick me up for work, if I could walk to the street. But that meant 2 things:

  1. They weren’t offering to bring me home, meaning I’d have to sleep in my office and leave the pups alone in the house bathroom-less (not happening!)
  2. They’d have to see me in my grocery-bag-snowshoes.

So, plan B was born.

I would have to clear the driveway. The roads at this point are fairly drivable, especially after the plow made his way through.

A quick phone call later to my wonderful neighbor, and ex-county mayor, and a real monster truck was here!


It sure seemed this big to me, but was probably more like this:


I am so grateful for this man, who drove up and down my driveway almost 20 times, packing down all the snow so that Matrix had an escape plan. He even chaperoned a test trip down the driveway with me. Now, the driveway is slick with all that compacted snow, and I was even slipping just trying to walk on it, but Matrix did surprisingly well, and is now sleeping in the garage, waiting for his big moment tomorrow morning to head to work after a few days’ rest.

So… lesson of the day: be nice to your neighbors and help each other out!


Besides shoveling/hoeing my way through snow today, I managed to do some fun indoor things, such as:

  • Finishing my book and starting the next.
  • Completing my first 2 mug rugs! This is my favorite accomplishment of the day – aren’t they adorable? Perfect for a nice mug of your preferred hot beverage (and a cookie piece of fruit)


  • Watching Ellen and Brothers & Sisters
  • Enjoying yesterday’s leftovers of this recipe

Have a great night and stay safe everyone! And don’t ever wish for snow – it’s evil!


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