Seriously Snowed In

DSCN1242 You’ve all heard about the storm that went through the south over the past 24 hours, so you’re probably not surprised to hear that I woke up to 4 inches of snow blanketing the back yard.

Thankfully, I was able to stay safe at home today. I caught up at work yesterday, just in case this happened.


Traditionally, snow makes me anxious and angry, and I avoid it at all costs. But today, with so much of the white stuff out there, I decided to embrace and try to enjoy the snow.

The dogs have really enjoyed their snow day, racing around and trying to eat the snow.

 DSCN1239Harley: “Come on, play with me!!” 


I have no snow boots, but was determined to run around in the snow and have fun with the dogs. Enter my homemade version:


I tied plastic grocery bags around my shoes, and they held up fairly well. The sled and I walked around to the nearest hill.


Unfortunately, the snow was so powdery, that I just sunk down, and didn’t go anywhere. Sheff stayed at the top of the hill, refusing to push me, and Harley just ran over and sat on the sled with me. Needless to say, the sled attempt was a fail.


(yes, there should be a driveway there)

So, next, we decided to walk down the driveway and see what the street was like. For some reason, it seemed really important that I get my latest netflix back in the mailbox (I’m now confused about my priorities). I put Harley on the leash for this next adventure, since I’m still leery about him running off, especially closer to the street.

As we neared the top of the hill on my driveway, Harley tugged a little too much, my grocery-bag-snow-shoes slid, and I fell on my butt, shouting a very loud “AAHHH!” that echoed all through the fields. That stopped the dogs in their tracks for a split second, but the tugging continued. We eventually made it back, where my bruised tailbone caused me much soreness and discomfort.

So what did I do next? It seemed like a good idea to get down on my knees and scrub the shower, as well as vacuum the rugs. Again, my priorities are worrying me. A couple excedrin later, I am feeling better now.

At that point, I was thoroughly disgusted at the snow. Can’t sled, don’t even have boots to walk around safely, can’t move without being in pain. But, after lunch, I suddenly had the need to check the mail (3rd time to worry about my priorities). So, I trekked back down the quarter-mile driveway, in a brand new pair of grocery-bag-snowshoes, dog-less this time. By this point, the snow plow had been down the street, so the road was looking better, but my mailbox was sadly empty.

So, now I have spent the afternoon with a nice long to-do list, and haven’t had a bored moment yet.

Since the snow isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon, looks like tomorrow will be a repeat snow day. And, sadly, since I won’t be able to do any shopping, I’ll continue to use grocery-bag-snowshoes.


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