The Sunday before the Storm

Happy Sunday to you all.

Today was my big day to get out of the house and get things done. The snow/ice on the roads yesterday morning kept me house-bound, although I did get a rebellious streak in the afternoon and snuck out to the gym for a workout (the roads were fine!). Tomorrow brings a terrible winter storm from the south, and so today was the fun day.

Starting off at an estate sale.
I had been wanting to go to this sale since it started on Friday, but the weather kept me from it (it was 30 miles away). And so today, on the 3rd and final day, I made it there. Luckily, the last day brings 50% off prices, so I left with a nice milk glass deviled egg plate for my mom, as well as an old 1970s calendar tea towel. Could’ve been a lot better (for driving an hour!), but I assume the pyrexics beat me to it.

Followed by going to work and catching up (in case tomorrow is a home snow day).
Nothing much to report at work. I love it when I show up on the weekends and everyone looks confused. Why are YOU here?? haha.

Followed by baking Hilary Clinton’s famous chocolate chip cookies.
I realized I haven’t made these cookies in forever! While the Kitchen Aid was seizing away on the counter (it’s missing a foot and makes horrible sounds now as it mixes), Harley ran and hid in the corner to escape the mixing monster, and I had trouble hearing The Splendid Table coming from the radio.

And looking forward to an evening of leftovers, sewing, reading and TV.
I still have 2 Christmas mug rugs that need to be bound, as well as a book that needs to be finished, and some Lebanese “meat” stuffed pitas left for dinner. After reading this post, I was very excited about trying out this recipe, but it wasn’t quite as wonderful as I had hoped. It was my first time cooking with Gimme Lean ground meat substitute, and I’m not sure if it was the Indian/Middle East spices that I didn’t like, the meat substitute, or if I just don’t like dishes that are supposed to be meat. Maybe that doesn’t appeal anymore. All I do know is that I ate the entire sheet pan of roasted broccoli with my hands while waiting for the pitas to finish cooking. Oops. Roasted broccoli could probably win my affection over a chocolate chip cookie. For real.


2 Responses

  1. Sorry you didn’t love the pitas as much as we did :( Those fake meats are hit or miss.

  2. […] I’ll admit, they have great vegetarian products. I’ve always stayed clear of Boca products, haven’t had any luck with Gimme Lean, occasionally use Gardenburgers, but I can’t go wrong with […]

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