Snow and stitching

Happy 5th of January!

I made my first visit of the new year to the gym, and was pleasantly surprised to see it not crowded at all. A shipment of brand new treadmills was arriving at the same time, which is exciting. Built-in fans are always a nice feature :)

The drive home from the gym was complemented with a nice snowfall. The ground is now completed covered, at least a good inch out there. Fingers crossed that the roads don’t freeze and get yucky overnight. However, I have a late morning tomorrow with a meeting at the county health department, so I won’t have to rush out the door early anyway.

Thanks to the powdery white magic crap, my farm internet appears to have gone out. I guess the satellite dish doesn’t like it’s blanket. So.. not sure when this post will actually appear – might be tomorrow. Not that there are millions of you out there, eagerly awaiting my next parcel of humor.

In other news, I have been busy sewing after work this week. Sunday afternoon, after The Boy left, was spent learning how to bind a quilt, and the quilted table runner is now complete. After that, I cut a bunch of 5 inch squares from some Christmas fabric I ordered online, and made a couple tea towels (from this tutorial). Yes, I’m already preparing gifts for Christmas 2011, but I have my reasons.

  1. While East Tennessee decides to have a flipping cold and depressing winter, I can be busy crafting and making gifts
  2. Supplies are cheap now, especially Christmas/winter-themed items
  3. If I should be back in school next fall, there won’t be time to sit around a sewing machine every night, so might as well take advantage of my copious spare time while I can.
  4. DSCN1197

Here are those Christmas tea towels – will be sad to put them away for a year!

DSCN1198   DSCN1199

And here is my first quilted piece – a nice pink/turquoise runner!

In canine news, Harley and I signed up for 2 months of basic obedience classes through the local parks/rec department. I think he’ll be the star of the show. Sheff took the basic PetSmart course 9 years ago, and graduated last in his class, receiving a “scholarship” to repeat the course at no extra charge. He really is a brainiac dog, but has so much anxiety – the instructor scared him, the noise and spilled food on the floor distracted him, he was just a mess. Poor boy. Maybe Harley can teach him some of the tricks he learns.

Alright, time to catch up on the DVR and my kitchen cross-stitch sampler. Have a great night!


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