1-1-11 is here

Welcome 2011!

I hope you all had a fun and safe new year’s eve. The Boy drove over from Nashville and we cooked a nice dinner and watched the TV celebrations.

DSCN1168 We attempted to use my newly thrifted Cuisinart Ice Cream maker for a special desert, but to no avail. The bowl has been in the freezer since before I left for Texas (= over a week) and it still wasn’t completely frozen! Not even sure how that is possible. Time to research…..

Woke up refreshed and ready for 2011. Unfortunately, the weather has been bad all day. Rainy and windy.


Check out the living room. Notice anything unusual?



Yes, Sheff spent most of the morning hiding under the table. The wind was pretty fierce. 1/2 a sedative later, he eventually calmed down.

So, how did we spend the first day of the new year?

  • Went to see this movie, which was very good (even if we were the youngest audience members by several decades)


  • Took down the Christmas decorations. The mantel is so bare now, and with no seasonal decorations to get out, I’m visualizing a Pyrex-themed mantel. yessss!
  • Started research on opening an etsy shop to sell some of the vintage and thrifted pieces that I buy, only to realize I’ll never use. Sometimes the prices are too good to pass up! Like this adorable vintage 1960s book on friendship I picked up yesterday for less than $1.


  • Exchanged gifts with The Boy. Remember my Pyrex Collector’s Guide that I was so excited to spoil myself with? Well…. let’s say it will be going back to Amazon, and that a certain someone is improving in the gift-selecting area of boyfriend-ness. :)

Have a great January everyone! I did indeed make a list of 2011 goals, as well as a list of January projects, all of which are color coded and documented in the Journal J.


One Response

  1. that ice cream maker looks fancy! I have never heard of a pyrex collector’s guide! too funny

    happy new year!

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